Ban on Gay ‘Propaganda’ passed by Russian Duma

Setback for LGBT Community in Russia

Ban on Gay ‘Propaganda’ passed by Russian Duma

Ban on Gay 'Propaganda' passed by Russian Duma

In a vote of 390-1 the Russian Duma voted to pass a ban on gay ‘propaganda’ and if passed through the second parliament and signed by President Putin would ban the promotion of gay events across Russia and impose fines on organizers. The vote came with protest as there were protesters outside for the ban and against the ban and some even staged a kiss in that would later be broken up by police.

Igor Kochetkov, the Chairman of the LGBT network made this statement: “The State Duma must pass the laws that prohibit any discrimination. If the task team, Mizulina said about, is ready to change the bill 6.13.1 so that it no more contains provisions offending and discriminating LGBT community, than we are ready to take part in this team and make our proposals. Another question is who will be in this team. It’s important to hear not only an opinion of related parties but also an opinion of independent human right defenders. We think that apart from people mentioned by Mizulina, there must be representatives of Russian Federation ombudsman and human right organizations, who have an experience in defending the freedom of expression and right to exercise the freedom of peaceful assembly, in this team. Only if these terms are observed, we can talk about considering this bill not on religious or political grounds but from human right and respect for human dignity point of view.”

The next stage for this bill are two more readings before President Vladimir Putin signs.

-Kelly J Newson

One Response to "Ban on Gay ‘Propaganda’ passed by Russian Duma"

  1. Chuck Anziulewicz   January 26, 2013 at 5:42 am

    It’s tremendously dismaying that a nation as powerful as Russia, which has made such strides in the direction of freedom over the past 30 years, is now putting LGBT people under the boot heel.

    LGBT Russians are not protected from discrimination, they are not allowed to serve in the military, they are prohibited from kissing and even holding hands in public, let alone get married. And now it appears that there will be no ways for Gay Russians to draw attention to these injustices.

    Most Western entertainers will avoid Russia now, and corporations that do business in Russia will come under much greater scrutiny. I think elected officials there are ultimately going to regret their decision.


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