Canadian Gunman Kills 2 injures another before Killing Himself In a Filipino Court

Canadian Gunman Kills 2 injures another before Killing Himself In a Filipino Court

A published report from Reuters has revealed that Canadian, John H. Pope, pulled out a gun in a Filipino court and shot both a lawyer and a physician. After killing the 2 men for allegedly being responsible for charges of “malicious mischief and grave threat,” brought against him, the shooter pointed his weapon at his head and committed suicide, according to Reuters.

The report stated that incident took place in Cebu city on Tuesday morning.

A Russian newspaper, citing Cebu police chief Mariano Natuel, published a conflicting story, which suggested that the gunman fired at a prosecutor in the hallway of the building before responding police fatally wounded him.

According to their story, regional police director Marcelo Garbo told them that Pope ignored orders to surrender and tried to fire at police.

Reuters say that the 66-year-old Canadian man pulled out his gun minutes before the hearing began shooting the prosecutor and the doctor before leaving the court during the commotion that followed.

According to their report, it was not altogether apparent how Pope was able to smuggle a handgun into the court.

Their story also claims that Pope walked toward building’s lobby and fired a shot at point-blank range critically injuring the state prosecutor handling the case against him.

The prosecutor has reportedly been hospitalized and is in critical condition.

Reuter’s report apparently clears up the conflict as to how the shooter died. They say that according the bureau, Pope was shot by one of their officers in his arm, and yet was also able to shoot himself in the head after falling to the ground.

Police said they had been investigating Pope’s background.

In addition to Reuters, D. Chandler Contributed to this report.

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