Chicago: Police Aggressively Seize Firearms In First Three Weeks of Year

Chicago:  Police Aggressively Seize Firearms In First Three Weeks of Year

Chicago Police Aggressively Seize Firearms In First Three Weeks of Year
Nearly 450 Firearms Recovered in 2013
CHICAGO – Today, Chicago Police announced nearly 450 deadly firearms have been taken off the streets to date, underscoring the severity of the root problem of gun violence faced by community members and police officers daily.
“Every day, our law abiding citizens and law enforcement officials are put in harm’s way by the brazen actions of criminals with guns,” said Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy. “The availability of guns for criminals, and their willingness to use them, is an issue we must address head on with common-sense gun legislation,” he added. More than 180 of the guns seized in 2013 were recovered in Area South, where Calumet (5th) and Englewood (7th) Districts were tied with the most gun recoveries at 54 firearms apiece. Area Central yielded more than 160 firearms this month, with the second and third greatest number of gun recoveries occurring in Chicago Lawn (8th) and Deering (9th)
Districts respectively. However, Chicago Police made significant arrests for gun-related offenses and seized firearms from felons armed with weapons Citywide, including a few notable instances. Early Saturday morning, Austin (15th) District officers responded to a call of a person with a gun on the 1000 block of N. Lamon, where a victim had been confronted by a man with a gun after an altercation. Officers observed a subject matching the offender description and after further investigation, recovered a handgun loaded with live rounds. The offender was a gang member and convicted felon. Later in the evening, in an unrelated incident, a South Chicago (4th) District Sergeant on-viewed an offender firing a handgun on the public way on the 7900 block of S. Jeffery. After placing the offender into custody, a semi-automatic pistol was recovered. The investigation further revealed a semi-automatic Intratec TEC-DC9 firearm and 136 live rounds of .40
caliber ammunition. The offender was a convicted felon on parole with gang affiliation. The Chicago Police Department continues to seize more firearms than other large municipalities. To date, the Chicago Police Department has seized approximately four times as many firearms as the New York City Police Department.

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