Chicago Police Continue to Crack Down on Firearms

Chicago Police Continue to Crack Down on Firearms

January 28, 2013 312-745-6110

Chicago Police Continue to Crack Down on Firearms
More than 570 Guns Removed from the Streets in First Four Weeks of 2013

CHICAGO – Chicago Police First Deputy Superintendent Alfonza Wysinger joined command staff, elected officials, clergy, and community members today while recently recovered firearms from the 574 seized to date were displayed in the Calumet (5th) District. The Calumet (5th) District recently was tied with the Englewood (7th) District for the most guns recovered Citywide.

“Gun violence remains one of our toughest problems, with the overwhelming majority of homicides tracing back to these deadly weapons,” said First Deputy Superintendent Alfonza Wysinger. “This is a time when we especially need effective gun laws to hold criminals fully accountable for their actions and to alter behavior,” he added.

Last week, Chicago Police announced the recovery of 15 firearms in one operation alone – a Narcotics Unified Enforcement Mission that netted more than 70 arrests, 7 vehicles, and 50-plus pounds of cannabis and other drugs. Additional arrests and gun seizures in the city last week further highlighted the violent gun trend confronting residents and police daily.

On Saturday, in the same district where firearms were on display Monday afternoon, Calumet District tactical officers responded to a call of shots fired on the 9700 block of S. Woodlawn. Upon arrival, officers located a vehicle damaged by the gunfire and relocated to the address where the vehicle was registered. After receiving consent to search the residence, officers recovered a total of 5 firearms, including 1 rifle and 4 handguns – 1 of which had the serial number defaced. The offender, a documented gang member, was charged with multiple firearms-related offenses.

In a separate and unrelated incident on Friday, Calumet District officers also arrested and charged a convicted felon with multiple gun- and drug-related offenses. After executing a search warrant at the offender’s residence, police seized a semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine holding live rounds and a semi-automatic Uzi-style handgun that also had an extended magazine with live rounds inside. Further investigation revealed the offender was in violation of the conditions of bail bond.

In 2012, the Chicago Police Department seized more than 7,400 guns, including more than 300 assault weapons.

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  1. Robert Mullan (@Mullanman)   January 28, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Huh? Criminals with illegal firearms! Say it ain’t so…Rhammi.

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