Eighteen human heads found at O’Hare Airport

Eighteen human heads found at O’Hare Airport

Eighteen human heads found at O'Hare Airport

Customs agents at Chicago’s O’Hare airport found what started off as a grisly discovery. As eighteen heads made their way through customs at Chicago’s O’Hare airport a week before Christmas with each head still covered in skin and well preserved. There was much speculation as to why or how the heads made it to Chicago; including the heads being apart of an underground market for human body parts.

The heads would later be turned over to the Cook County Medical examiners office where foul play was not originally suspected. Instead, it is believed that the heads are medical specimens and after further investigation that’s exactly what it seems to be.

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, the heads were originally suppose to be sent to Italy but were returned to Illinois for disposal but paperwork has held up the shipment. Leaving the heads to be detained at the airport after making it’s way from Rome about a week before Christmas.

Chief investigator for the medical examiner office Tony Brucci made this statement, “They were properly preserved and tagged as human specimens.”

-Kelly J Newson
twitter: Kelz_writestuff

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