Hawthorne, California shooting leaves 1 dead, 5 wounded

Hawthorne, California shooting leaves 1 dead, 5 woundedHAWTHORNE, CA – Approximately 1:30 a.m. local time Hawthorne police radio put out the message that a shooting had occurred. Officers heading to the scene heard the announcement “All Units stage out, scene not secure. Upon arriving to the 10000 block of Cerise Street officers found 1 man dead. He had been fatally shot, and five others were wounded.

The shooting happened at a New Year’s party in Hawthorne, police said.

Of those shot, Five people were taken to a nearby hospital.

According to police, at least one victim’s condition was serious.

Police say several vehicles left the scene after the shooting.

Presently, a motive for the shooting is unknown.

While there’s no official count yet, it appears this incident was another New Year’s party shooting.

The Guardian Express will update this ongoing story as soon as we have more news from Hawthorne.

D. Chandler contributed to this report.

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