Jenni Rivera Sued By Family Victims

After a month of Jenni Rivera tragic accident, family member of the victims who died during the crash accident, are blaming Esquino Christian Nuñez owner of the plane for negligence according to United States medias. They’re also going after Jenni’s company calling the plane “a bucket of bolts.”

The aircraft register N345MC and built-in 1969, is registered as owned by Starwood Management, one of the companies own by Esquino Nuñez, which filed for bankruptcy in February 2012 for protection from its creditors, who had at least 5 million dollars. It also has a track record that includes forgery aircraft registration and an operation to enter Mexico with false identity, the son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Amount the victims where Jacobo “Jacob” Yebale (her makeup artist), Jorge Armando Sanchez Vasquez (her stylist), and Mario Macias Pacheco (her lawyer). The family members have filed a wrongful death lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the families claim Starwood negligently allowed the plane to take off that fateful day — among other things, they say the 78-year-old pilot was not licensed to fly “passengers for hire.”

Esquino Christian Nuñez is under investigation by a U.S. Federal Court for alleged ties to the Tijuana Cartel. In February 2012, the DEA seized an aircraft on suspicion of carrying illegal drugs with her. He was also related to the attempt to illegally detain Saadi, the son of Muammar Gaddafi, in Mexico. DEA spokeswoman Lisa Webb Johnson confirmed Thursday the planes owned by Las Vegas-based Starwood Management were seized in Texas and Arizona, but she declined to discuss details of the case.

His legal woes date back decades. He pleaded guilty to a fraud charge that stemmed from a major drug investigation in Florida in the early 1990s and most recently was sentenced to two years in federal prison in a California aviation fraud case. Esquino, a Mexican citizen, was deported upon his release. He and various other companies he has either been involved with or owns have also been sued for failing to pay millions of dollars in loans, according to court records.

In 1993 he was arrested in Florida on charges of drug trafficking and that apparently allowed other criminals join 487 kilos of cocaine into the United States. Esquino said in a telephone interview from Mexico City a while ago that the singer was considering buying the aircraft from Starwood for $250,000 and the flight was offered as a test ride.

The families are also suing Jenni Rivera’s company for the same negligence. They want unspecified damages. Until now the plane crash still is under investigation, rumors are that the plane crash could be cause by the Mexican Cartel. According to the Mexican newspaper Reforma, the protected witness named “Jennifer,” a former lawyer of the Beltran Leyva cartel, said several gruperos, including Jenni Rivera, enlivened parties “La Barbie” in different cities in Mexico.

The source also revealed that a group member Torrente, known as ‘The Charly,” was “in charge of bringing bands to ‘La Barbie’, such as Heavy, Intocable and Jenni Rivera.”
He stressed that ‘The Diva of Banda’ have been used cocaine and humiliated, even kicked by Edgar Valdez as ‘act of mockery and joke’. Reforma in another interview, the singer said: “To work in the fun of the others need a lot of courage … for all the risks you going to believe and live as a criminal or smearing you when you bring your lifestyle is stealing, raping, cheating, engaging in drug trafficking, people, or kill … I do not believe him to a drug dealer or a murderer, (is) his word against my teammates, not fair, not even comparable. ” He said that his colleagues have been hired for private parties of dubious origin, does not make them drug dealers.

“No one is exempt from being hired and go. Who the hell is going to imagine that a wedding is going to be so-and-so, in a meeting or a quinceañera’s Like going to a fair and between 10 000 people who there are drug dealer, “explained the Rodeo Clown interpreter, who was shot in an armed assault in Ciudad Juarez for nearly a year.

According to journalists who kept vigil in the Semefo of Monterrey, authorities allegedly located more than 200 pieces of the victims to be given by officially dead until they issue a death certificate, which will be extended to collate evidence DNA from the remains.

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