Taft Union High School Shooting That injured 2 Upended Before Media Published First Reports

Twitter may have broke story

Taft Union High School ShootingBAKERSFIELD, CA – Before any major or minor news outlet could break today’s school shooting at Taft High school in Kern County, California, Twitter was buzzing like wildfire as someone inside the school must have phoned home and the recipient of the call immediately dial straight into the social network.

One of the first reports to the public came from the Twitter account @_CidyHLove_ who wrote “How scary, there was a shooting in Taft high school today!!

Another users of the social network decried “JESUS CHRIST. There’s been a school shooting in Kern County. How much longer will we let this go on in America?” And the buzz began to travel like lightning through the Twitter universe.

Judy Golden wrote: “Another school shooting in Kern County CA – this will not stop so now what?” And Kamla Bhatt tweeted, “Sad to read abt [sic] the shootings in Kern County in California,” opined Kamla Bhatt. These comments were all taking place while police, school personnel, and the media had yet to officially report on the incident.

Early traditional news reports revealed that the scene had quickly come under police control and a suspect was already in custody. The shooting had been upended before the first recognizable media outlet had published their first account.

As the situation presently stands, Thursday morning’s shooting at Taft Union High School left two people injured, confirmed city official Debra Elliott. However, later reports non life threatening injuries, according to an NBC live broadcast update report on the event.

The suspected student gunman allegedly shot both a student and a teacher in their respective classrooms, according to the Kern County Fire Department.

Emergency crews were dispatched to the location, which is approximately 120 miles north of Los Angeles.

Police directed students to evacuated to a football field where parents were instructed to make a pick up while the campus remained on lockdown.

The shooter who is said to have brought a shot gun to school, entered a classroom on the second floor of the science building and first shot a fellow student. Further details of his actions have not been provided.

The Taft shooting occurred less than a month after Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The Newtown shooting spurred calls for harsher gun-control legislation, including the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban.

Lanza used an assault weapon during the attack, which ended after he shot himself.

A local television station in Bakersfield, reported that the station had received calls from students who said they were huddled in closets. Sheriff’s officials were going classroom to classroom clearing the campus, the station reported.

23ABC News in Bakersfield said that the incident happened about 9 a.m. and that the suspect was taken into custody about 20 minutes later.

Our calls to the Taft Police Department have not been returned.

Medical teams airlifted the first victim to Kern County Medical Center and the second person refused medical treatment.

Taft Union High School is located in the largely agricultural Kern County, CA.

The Guardian Express will update this story as soon as more news is available.

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  1. geffreytodd   January 10, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    When will people learn that somethings wrong all the way to the top of the power structure? When girls cutting themselves went all over the main stream news, the number of cutters went up. Ice land told the Globalist to stick it and began to arrest them. My God people, the people that supposedly attacked us in 2001 are still funded by us for God sakes. Main Stream media has reported they plan on coming here when they are done over there? Using the resources provided to them from who? Enough is enough people. Did segregation end at the bus? Or the bus, the dinner & water fountain? Go to the top and step up, speak out. The crooks at the top must be stopped. The comatose public needs to honor their retro active oath peaceably of course.The majority of the public is brainwashed. Bless the children and wake up! Here is a example of what these psycopaths do


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