NRA in denial

Facts, Not Fiction

I want to make this short and perfectly clear. The gun nuts have not read the second amendment, and are purposely ignoring the intention of our founding fathers.

The NRA, and millions of misguided supporters of possession of weapons of mass destruction, are in denial. They honestly believe that they have the right to own weapons designed for our military and law enforcement.

When the second amendment was added to the Constitution, our country was not similar to its present configuration. We had no standing army. Our founding fathers were not in favor of the new country embracing the ideals and government of the country we were declaring separatism from. A militia was suggested as a force of defense for the newly established United States of America. There was never an intention that individuals possess firearms to protect themselves and their homes from criminals. There was no possibility that they could have foreseen the killing machines of the 21st century. Over two hundred years ago, when the decision was made to train and maintain an army, the second amendment should have been re-written.

The right to freedom is quoted by every entity in the country. They usually have self-serving reasons for stating the obvious. The right for all of the citizens of our country to believe it is safe to go to a movie, or to send our children to school, or to attend our house of worship of choice, should be the most protected right of all. To all of you who think your right to own weapons that can be accessed easily by those with demented intelligence, are bluntly inhuman. Placing yourself and what you wrongly consider your rights, above the lives of innocent children, places you in the world of criminality.

We must cease to be a nation of permissiveness. We are no longer a cowboy country. We can’t allow the crazies to “shoot first and ask questions later”. Common sense needs to supersede perceived ‘rights’ of men and women who equate their masculinity with gun ownership.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

3 Responses to "NRA in denial"

  1. Ricky   January 10, 2013 at 8:58 am

    This is the reason we have a 2nd Amendment. It’s just for constitutional hacks like James Turnage, who have their own version of our rights and want changes to the Constitution based on whims of Presidents or polls taken of leftists like himself. Sorry, James, you get to live in OUR world, we don’t live in yours. 99.9% of the guns owned by 100% of the law-abiding Americans who would NEVER commit a crime will NEVER be used for anything but self defense. The argument that a nutjob might show up to steal them and commit crimes with them is irrational. The more likely scenario will be for the owner to USE the gun to shoot the nutjob upon illegal entry. You don’t get it. The good part is that you don’t have to. The 2nd Amendment is there forever. Our job is to make sure that leftists like you and Obama are stopped cold from infringing on rights that we have cherished for more than 200 years. It may require that a majority of governors of the 48 adjoined states mobilize their National Guard units and march on Washington pointing the guns you want to ban. If that’s necessary to take our government back, I support those governors and their state militias. You will not win this argument. Soon, there will be no debate, only action to stop the takeover of America. God be with our elected representatives and state governors when that dreaded day arrives. Remember what the late Charlton Heston said — you can have my weapon when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers!

  2. Bob   January 10, 2013 at 5:17 am

    You with your guns will prevent me from loving who ever I choose to love and pray to which ever god I choose? You my friend, are evil.

  3. Molon Labe   January 10, 2013 at 12:29 am

    Fortunately it is YOU that are wrong….The SCOTUS already stated that it agreed with the 2nd amendment…The liberals in their never ending quest to force all Americans to be compliant victims are the ones that are wrong, as usual–You’ve been wrong for 200 years, but you’ll keep pushing to achieve the perfect liberal utopia, where abortions are applauded, same sex perversion is heralded as the new enlightened way, and the powerless of unarmed Americans will do as they are told…That’s the current sad state of affairs, I, along with tens of millions of other Americans have no intentions of turning over our weapons— We will gladly challenge you liberals to come take them!

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