Wiz Khalifa step aside, Miss Money ready to “Celebrate”

Wiz Khalifa step aside, Miss Money ready to “Celebrate”

Wiz Khalifa step aside, Miss Money ready to "Celebrate"

Hip Hop has seen the emergence of many femcees yet executives only take notice if they are the Nicki Minaj type. Forgetting that to be an MC is more than sex and dressing in the most provocative. Still, you can’t blame the labels for its not talent they want but sex appeal they want. They look for that sex appeal that will make them millions. Now, no one is knocking Nicki but you can’t judge every femcee based off one. Besides some of the male rappers who selling today aren’t exactly the best looking let alone able to spit. Yet labels keep giving them deals as they over look some of the hottest femcees who do have talent.

Yet today’s femcees don’t let that stop them, as they hit stages and sell their own product without a label. Such artists as Miss Money, who is a Pittsburgh native and is making a name for herself all across the east coast. As she has already garnered a strong following. Has even opened for fellow hometown hip hopper Wiz Khalifa.

Now off the release of her latest single “Celebrate” Miss Money is busy putting the final touches on her upcoming project, while also being featured on various other projects including “Stand up Pittsburgh Stop the violence.” “Stand up Pittsburgh Stop the violence” mixtape can be downloaded for free at datpiff.com

“Celebrate” by Miss Money is now available on iTunes
twitter: @itsmissmoney

-Kelly J Newson
twitter: kelz_writestuff

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