Obama shows his “woosie” side

“You’ve Done Nothing, Period!”

Sacramento’s New Years Eve fireworks abruptly canceled after handgun shootingAfter the Senate reached an agreement of the “fiscal cliff”, minority leader Mitch “the Turtle” McConnell had the nerve to say, “we’ve done some good here”.

What have you and Speaker Boehner ever done that was good for the American people? Statistics prove you two were responsible for the worst congress in history, and now you want to take credit for a bad agreement.

President Obama continues to disappoint me. He continues to show his “woosie” side. The American people were behind his original proposals and have every right to expect him to keep his campaign promises.

Instead of saying “we’ve done some good here”, you should be saying “thanks for the belated Christmas present, Mr. President.

To the President I ask: “Why don’t you crush the Republicans? You have support, and you can’t be re-elected. I had hoped you would be the ‘lobbyist’ for the middle class, but you too have sold us out. You can’t be a great leader without leading. I truly believed that you would be like Truman, or FDR, or JFK and stand your ground. I did everything I could to help you get re-elected. I voted on the first day of early voting. I’m going back to voting for a third party candidate, they may not win, but they won’t make a fool out of me either”.

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