Police Have Arrested 22-Year-Old Sacramento New Years Eve Suspected Shooter

Police Have Arrested 22-Year-Old Sacramento New Years Eve Suspected Shooter

SACRAMENTO, CA – Police  in Sacramento, California have arrested a suspect shooter in connection with the New Year’s Eve shooting incident that Killed 2 people and injured three others.

Officials say that the suspect, a 22-year-old, was among three people wounded Monday evening. His injuries and those to a security guard and a woman are not life threatening.

According to police, a bar argument had escalated when an employee of the Sports Corner Cafe off of K and Second streets in Old Sacramento attempted to break it up. The 22-year-old shot the employee as well as a women and another man.

That man and the employee were pronounce dead at the scene.

Official say the an armed guard engaged the gunman after hearing shots fired. Both men suffered bullet wounds as they returned fire back and forth.

Because of the shooting, Sacramento police decided to cancel the midnight fireworks show planned as part of New Year’s Eve festivities.

Some 40,000 people, including families with young children, had gathered for fireworks show, which was to begin at approximately 9 p.m.

A number of witnesses reported that they heard shots and immediately ran for cover.

Michele Gigante, a public information officer said police were already patrolling the area when they heard shots fired at 9:38 p.m.

She said a fight in the Cafe spilled out onto the street and that five people were shot.

At the time, Gigante said she did not know the gender or age of the victims, nor was any information available regarding suspects.

A police helicopter flew over the area announcing the cancellation.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson tweeted that he spoke with Sacramento police, “They’re still sorting things out but there’s no indication of any outstanding suspects.”

Police had people move out of Old Sacramento for the night.

Mike Testa of the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau confirmed the midnight fireworks show was canceled at the request of the police department.

“They had one person in an ambulance and one person in a cop car,” a woman told the station. “I saw the gun in the hand. He was just screaming and shooting,” said another.

Sacramento authorities responded with mounted police, squad cars and fire trucks to block off the crime scene, according to news reports.

The last information we received indicated that the wounded were taken to nearby hospitals.


D. Chandler contributed to this story

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