Republicans won the battle: no tax increases for most of the wealthy

They’re Getting Awfully Greedy

Republicans won the battle of no tax increases for most of the wealthyThe agreement to end the increase in taxes for everyone, launch excessive spending cuts, and end unemployment for 2.1 million Americans is in Boehner’s House. Apparently, they don’t like what the Senate, with a vote of 88-9 approved today. They want more spending cuts. Huh?

Obama has already given them the farm, now they want the family silverware too. No government at all is better than a bad government. The members of the House consider themselves too important. They want their desires to be met at the expense of those of us who actually work for a living.

Don’t get me wrong, if I had my way, every Democrat would vote “nay”, but not because of spending cuts. Taxes haven’t gone far enough. Every economist says we need a balance of cuts and increased income. Republicans won the battle of no tax increases for most of the wealthy, and Obama gave away too much in regards to spending cuts. The critical issue is what the American people want, and if Obama can’t deliver, the Democrats in the House should. No matter what happens, now is the time to take a stand. The hell with supporting your party, you were elected to represent the people.

With every passing year I believe our founding fathers were wrong. A Republic is a bad form of government. If being a Senator or member of the House was a volunteer job, it might have worked. If our country had not declined into a two party system, it might have worked. But creating “professional politicians”, and allowing politics to control our governing bodies hasn’t worked.

Politicians love to use the word “democracy” in their speeches. They must mean a democracy for them, not for those they are supposed to represent.

In the mid-term elections in 2014, I say we vote the bums out. Eliminate all incumbents on both sides. Make them find a real job. But I don’t think anyone would hire them.

By James Turnage

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