Relieve Your Stress At Work And Enjoy Your Time Off More

Relieve Your Stress At Work And Enjoy Your Time Off More

Stress can be a catalyst for failing health, anxious feelings and may cause you to become introverted.  It often begins at work.  If you are unable to relieve the stress, it surrounds you wherever you go, in the office and out.

If you find a way to relieve your stress, it will radically change your life.  Not only will you become more relaxed, your relations with coworkers, friends and family will greatly improve. It can make the difference between depression and happiness.

If you feel you are becoming anxious, take time for yourself.  You will improve your productivity and your mental well-being.  Focus on something completely different while at your desk, such as playing with puppets, working on a puzzle, playing a word game, closing your eyes for a few minutes of meditation or listening to music. After some distractions, chances are, you are ready to greet the world again, with a smile.

Sometimes customers can be hard to deal with, especially if they are yelling at you on the phone. Playing with a stress ball helps you focus on the client, while finding a physical outlet. Then you can shed the tone of voice on the other end and work toward a solution. The key is to not take it personally, even if a mistake was made. And, if you are able to relieve the stress of this before leaving the office, you will have a much more enjoyable evening at home.

Help balance yourself with a short walk, inside or out. You will warm up your body and mind. It takes only a few minutes to make a huge difference. If you prefer company for conversation or motivation, ask your coworkers to join you. You might be pleasantly surprised how many folks will enjoy a walk during lunch or a quick break.

When you feel overwhelmed because there is so much to do, organize your day. Take time put your priorities in order, so you know what is next. Make a list on your computer or a board in your cubicle. Check off the items that are finished. You can then move from project to project without worry of leaving something important undone and get the satisfaction of the work already accomplished. To get a mental boost, even add a couple of things to the list that you have finished, to get you started. When the boss says to take on something else, be sure to explain what you are doing and make sure the most important jobs are completed. Then you are sharing the burden of prioritization and your manager will have no surprises at the end of the day, relieving you from undue stress.

Remember, diet is truly important. Pack your own lunch and make it a healthy one. Relying on fast food will slow you down. Replace the chocolate on your desk with a jar of nuts or dried fruit. Once you eat healthy food on a regular basis, you will truly be astounded how much of a difference this makes. You have more energy, you are thinking more clearly, will be a lot more productive with your tasks and you are able to enjoy yourself outside of work a whole lot more.

Written By: Laurie Price

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