Republicans that say yes to Wall Street no to Sandy Relief

Hypocrites One and All

Republicans that say yes to Wall Street no to Sandy Relief

Trent Franks, (AZ), Ed Royce, (CA), Sam Graves, (MO), Steve Pearce, (NM), Steve Chabot, (OH), Jimmy Duncan, (TN), Kenny Marchant, (TX), Randy Neugebauer, (TX), Mac Thorneberry, (TX), Bob Goodlatte (VA), Tom Petri, (WI), and Paul Ryan, (WI), these are 12 of the 67 Republicans who voted “no” to the aid package for victims of “Super Storm Sandy”, but had voted “yes” for victims of Hurricane Katrina. These same men come begging at Wall Streets doors every re-election year, but refuse to help the state with disaster relief.

The term ‘conservative’ used have an honorable meaning. Thanks to a shift to the extreme right, it now means something callous and destructive. These men and women who are so far right they’re wrong, should be labeled ‘obstructionists’, a more fitting label.

Hundreds of thousands of homes and small businesses, and over 100 lives were lost in the storm that devastated the east coast. These men are so cruel and uncaring that if their own states were affected I doubt they would vote for federal aid for them either.

So who are these 67 Republicans paying homage to? Where is their loyalty? Why don’t they care about the people of the country, and work on something positive? The answer is simple. They pay homage to the ‘owners’ of the TEA Party, those who fund their destructive policies, big business. Their loyalty is to the demands of the TEA Party. The reason they do nothing to correct our nation’s problems, is because they are told not to.

I know that during their election campaigns they made it sound as if they were the followers of a grand messiah who would save the country. If you voted for them based on the lies that came out of their mouths, you should be ashamed. If you think they were right in voting “no”, then you are wrong and prove you are as dispassionate as they are.

What made America the great country it used to be were the people. People came first, not the dollar bill. I know there were always some in our government who had their own agenda, but there were great leaders whose compassion was evidenced in their voting records.

We need great leaders, we have too many followers. And those of you who think big business can lead us out of our economic woes have to see the truth. Corporate greed took us to where we are now. But they are ‘job creators’ as long as you’re willing to move to Mexico, Honduras, China, or somewhere else, but not in the United States.


by James Turnage

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