Rush Limbaugh And The Far Right Media

Ignorance And The Far Right Media

Rush Limbaugh And The Far Right Media

Rush Limbaugh, the radio talk show host that is such a buffoon that it’s impossible to laugh at him, has found a way to be more of a jackass, a feat I previously thought was an impossibility. He is equating same-sex marriage with an attempt to legalize pedophilia.

An article, written by Jon Henley, stated his belief that pedophilia should be labeled a “sexual orientation”. Henley’s point was to underscore the lack of scientific research on pedophiles, and how time will change attitudes on how we will deal with it.

Limbaugh, who either did not understand the article, or read only parts of it, went on a tirade equating the relationships of gays and lesbians with a proclivity to becoming pedophiles.

Members of the TEA Party were asked if they supported Limbaugh’s ridiculous position, and they refused to condemn his illogical position.

I am of the mind that the Republican Party is intentionally self-imploding. Even after substantial losses in the general election, they continue to separate themselves more and more from what now has become mainstream America. They just don’t seem to get it. Our nation is no longer composed of a majority of WASPS. We are as diverse as our founding fathers expected it to be. And, much to the dismay of the G.O.P., women do vote, they do think about the future of our country, and have become a major force.

What frightens me as I write this is that Limbaugh, after all his hateful and even horrifying diatribes still possesses a substantial listening audience. Has America become a nation of fools? Are there a great many who embrace ignorance and denial? I know our educational system has been lowered in the priority level of our country, but it’s hard for me to believe we have lost that many IQ points.

Limbaugh, whose livelihood is based on spreading hatred and bigotry, is an abomination. The quality of our society is greatly diminished by people like him.

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  1. claylindemuth   January 9, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    A good and just society would execute pedophiles.

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