Tim Tebow Denied by Jaguars GM

timtebowingTim Tebow, loved by all, well all the christian fan base, but hated by the NFL GM association. David Caldwell, the Jacksonville Jaguars new GM has denied interest in Tim Tebow. He is denying Gatornation their savior back. Seems a little like Peter denying Jesus doesn’t it. Do you think Tim called him and said, “and you David will deny me one day.” A little part of me hopes so.


This is simply a bidding war move, against who, honestly, who knows. Tebow is Jaguar cat nip. He will put butts in seats and actually create lines at the  merchandise concession stands. Remember when people bought Jaguar apparel while at the game. This year they went retro stealing the 1980 Saints apparel idea with brown paper bags for their heads.


Now the big four letter sports monster is running with David Caldwell’s statement of, “I can’t imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar — even if he’s released.” This is so see through politicians are all ” man that guy is so lying.”  Come on you are …well the four letter sports juggernaut, you should see right through this.


The Tebow call will not be Caldwell’s as it wasn’t Tannenbaums’ or Sexy Rexy’s. Woody Johnson, the Jets owner, made that call last offseason. He who signs the checks gets Tim Tebow. The same will be in Jacksonville, Shad Khan is a business man. He saw what the product on the field was, and he knows it can not be turned around overnight. Blaine Gabbert is not the answer, no one will ever commit to Chad Henne. He will bring in Tebow the Messiah to save his franchise, and mostly his pocketbook. Tebow equals tickets,  T-N-T, see looking that is his sales pitch to David Caldwell. Hello his Denver jersey led the NFL in sales during Tebowmania.


As for what Tebow brings to the team, well we know he throws a nice 3 feet over his receivers head pass. Seriously, Tebow brings a passion and a leadership Gabbert lacks. Yes his passing is sub par, hey I’m trying to be nice, fine it’s grandma playing catch in the back yard bad. With the emergence of the read option offense this year, when is a better time for possibly the most durable read option quarterback to be running your offense?


Do we all remember the Broncos P.M.(Pre-Manning), they were horrible(1-4) before Timmy came to their rescue. Sure it wasn’t always pretty, ok it was never pretty, until they met the Steelers in the playoffs. Tim has the “it” factor. That something you can’t physically touch but it is there. He fills his teammates with confidence, and confidence is a very strong tool in sports. Do you remember Tim cheering on the defense pumping his fist, being a Bronco cheerleader. That is Tebow, all in, all team, always intense.


Really what do the Jaguars have to lose. He will most likely be released and they can sign him to a comfortable contract and take little financial risk. If this is a chess move by Caldwell and the Jaguars I think they are playing the game all by themselves. Tebow is the remedy for Jacksonville’s woes, on the field and on the financial blotter. Plus honestly shouldn’t Tebowing be done at home?  By Steve Kish

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  1. G.LeRoy   January 13, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Have you ever wondered why a Quarterback who has so “little ability” gets so much press when he is not even given a chance be be out on the field to show how “imept” he really is? Could it be possible that there is some “unspoken reason” why the league is trying to shut Tebo out? One would hope that in the case it has nothing to do with his religious openness, but when a team is at the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, and doesn’t even give a relatively successful Quarterback an opportunity to get his chance to play, and the coach is willing to sacrifice the team’s possible turnaround opportunity, as happened in Denver, and then blame it on his staff, one has to wonder if NFL is on the up and up!

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