Tom Brady, Just Mediocre in Recent Playoffs

Divisional Playoffs - New York Jets v New England PatriotsTom “Terrific” Brady is just mediocre in the playoffs since 2005, with a 8-7 record. His legacy as the greatest ever is over. That  argument is between Joe Montana, terry Bradshaw, and Johnny Unitas. Brady has fallen off the wagon like a drug addict after rehab. There is no 12 step program to repair this legacy.

Brady gets all the yards sure but he makes critical costly mistakes at the worst times now. He doesn’t finish like he used to. Everyone remembers 4th and 2 at their own 28, Brady didn’t complete that pass. His team didn’t go on to beat the Chicago Bears for a fourth ring, that  honor went to Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. The younger Manning, Eli has been a thorn in Brady’s side for two Super Bowl’s. Eli escaped and completed that helmet catch to David Tyree to keep the drive alive before hitting Plaxico Burress for the go ahead touchdown. then there was the Mario Manningham catch. how in the hell did he catch that ball? how in the world did the Patriots defense not stop that? Lets not forget about Wes Welker’s missed catch? Was it Brady’s throw or Welker dropping the pass? We heard that useless argument for about a week on ESPN and the NFL Network. Honestly who cares? All I hope is that Peyton and Eli sent Tom a card and flowers after each loss.

Brady was out played by Joe Flacco on Sunday, Flacco a has eight playoff victories to Brady’s three since he was drafted in 2008.  Brady is fading as he ages. Yes he can rack up yards through the air, but he is now making costly mistakes, mistakes that were un-Brady. Now you watch him waiting for that fatal mistake. It could be he is to full of himself, it could be he doesn’t really trust anyone. Tom will be a great politician as you can’t really believe what he says. He is a system guy, a Belichick yes man. Brady was mister cool, ice in his veins, nothing rattled him. He didn’t argue will coaches, he just nodded. That is until last season when Brady and Bill O’Brien got into it after yet another Brady miscue.

Once upon a time Brady was 9-0 in the playoffs, winning three Super Bowls in that span. since that 9-0 start to his playoff career Brady has been  just 8-7. Not what you expect from the best quarterback of all-time. Everyone gives Mark Sanchez grief yet he has four playoff victories to Brady’s three since entering the league. I think we all can agree that Sanchez is not Tom Brady, and the Jets don’t have the talent level of the Patriots, yet the numbers don’t lie, Sanchez is better than Brady in the playoffs since 2009 Sanchez’s touchdown to interception ration during this time is 9-3 in six games, Brady’s ratio 14-10 in 7 games, let it be known six of those touchdowns came against the Denver Broncos in the 2011 divisional round. You take away that amazing performance and lets say he gets three touchdowns instead, Brady’s ratio is 11-10, pedestrian in the football world.

It isn’t what you do so much in the regular season that creates your legacy it is what you do in the post season. Yes Peyton Manning is  9-11 in his twenty playoff games. He only has one Super Bowl victory, and he made the mistake that cost him a second ring versus the  New Orleans Saints. What Manning has over Brady is he is an innovator. His knowledge of football and offensive strategies has created the offenses we see today. Manning was running a spread offense long before anyone else was in the league. Johnny Unitas before Manning made the passing game a viable threat. He changed how the game was played like Peyton has. Brady is a great quarterback, but he isn’t an innovator like Unitas and Manning. He isn’t Terry Bradshaw or Joe Montana in the playoffs anymore. He is no longer on the quest to be the greatest quarterback of all-time.  Don’t cry for him though, after all is said and done he still gets to go home to Gisele Bundchen.  By Steve Kish

2 Responses to "Tom Brady, Just Mediocre in Recent Playoffs"

  1. Duane   February 4, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    BTW, what Brady has over Peyton is a 17-7 playoff record and 3 Super Bowl rings and 5 appearances to his 9-11 playoff record, one ring and two appearances. Wasn’t your quote “It isn’t what you do so much in the regular season that creates your legacy it is what you do in the post season”? LOL. Now that’s retarded.

  2. Duane   February 4, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Dumbest article I have ever read. Funny how there were numerous analysts and commentators calling Brady the “Greatest” before the game. He just owns the record for the most playoff wins but I guess the innovator wit the 9-11 playoff record carries more weight. LOL.


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