U.S. Flu Pandemic May Soon Become Major Health Crisis

Influenza? Enough Already!

U.S. Flu Pandemic May Soon Become Major Health Crisis

I have read enough about this years flu epidemic until I have been rendered numb to it. Most of the information I have read tells me it’s bad. Every year is bad, especially for infants, toddlers, and the elderly. But this year, circumstances surrounding U.S. flu pandemic may soon become a major health crisis.

The primary difference this year is that it started earlier. In addition, the press has caused panic. “We’re running out of the vaccine” is a quote I read all too frequently. So, what’s new? The CDC says that the vaccine available will not guarantee immunization to influenza, but it will lessen the symptoms. So, again, what’s new?

Everything happened earlier this year. The tornado and hurricanes seasons began earlier than average, and continued beyond ‘normal’ durations. Snowfall began in areas usually not affected until January or February, if at all. My bursitis began in November, and I usually didn’t have the worst symptoms until January.

There is more news to report than the flu or our government’s inability to do their jobs, or a Kardashian having a baby, or Lohan into court again.

I read a lot, and I find stories from all over the world that are never covered by the American media. Criticism directed towards Al Gore for selling his cable network “Current TV” to Al Jeezera is ignorant. They report the news of the world with an effective and competent group of reporters whose names will never be nationally known.

I am in no way demeaning the importance of protecting yourself against the flu virus. But, like so many other stories offered by the media, it is no more important than it is every year, and no less deadly.

Please, please, give me something of substance and originality to read and watch.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

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  1. Gabriel Corza   January 20, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    THiNK… More People being vaccinated against the “FLU”, yet more are getting sick from it…Tick…Tack…Tick…Tack…Hmmm…HELLOOO!


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