Blue Ivy unforgettable moments (Video)

Blue Ivy unforgettable moments (Video)
Blue Ivy, unforgettable moments for Beyonce

Beyoncé is finally letting fans see the adorable Blue Ivy, on the HBO documentary “Life is But a Dream”, which premiered last night. The most transfixing part of the film didn’t come till the end, and didn’t center on Beyoncé at all. Instead it was rare glimpses of baby Blue Ivy Carter. Yes, we saw Blue Ivy as a wee newborn, but she is now, amazingly, 13-months-old.

“This film is about a woman and all of the challenges that we all go through,” Beyoncé told MTV News, when they spoke to her at the Ziegfeld Theatre screening.

In an interview with, Oprah Winfrey, that aired just before the documentary on Saturday night, Beyoncé, credits her baby girl for helping to complete the film project.
“My story did not feel complete, and I didn’t know why” she told Oprah. “There are so many connections in the film that I didn’t realize until I gave birth. Everything just completely connected, and I said, now I know who I am … I wasn’t complete before my daughter.”

Blue Ivy appeared moments later,  cradled in the arms of her mother. And though we only saw her for a short period, we can safely say, as of now, that Blue Ivy looks just like her daddy.

Rounding out the 90 minutes of content, the documentary also included several top-notch concert highlights, moments in the studio where she is filmed recording songs for her album “4”. And, we get a behind-the-scenes look at dance rehearsals and stage set-ups for televised performances.

The highly anticipated documentary, promises to be a very revealing look at Beyoncé’s career and personal life. Beyoncé allows fans into her private life, by introducing 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy to the world, and talking about motherhood, marriage and miscarriage.

It took Beyoncé’s management, six weeks, to convince HBO officials to sit down and watch the singer’s self-made documentary.
“I knew who Beyoncé was, but I wasn’t really a fan. If you had asked me to name more than one of her songs, at that point I couldn’t,” Lombardo admitted.
It took almost six weeks for them to agree on a date and time, and when he finally saw the film, Lombardo was blown away.
“This felt so fresh, and honest to me,” he said. “She’s constantly walking this fine line between public performer, and private person, and, wrestling with how she can hold onto the part of herself that makes her real, all in this massive spotlight.

“It’s such an honest struggle and such an honest conversation” he said.
“I have no clue why this works” HBO’s President of Programming, Michael Lombardo, told the Daily News. “If someone said to me, ‘why is this on HBO?’ I wouldn’t be able to  say why, it isn’t a traditional documentary and it isn’t a traditional music special either, because there is something undeniably moving and honest about it.”

Beyoncé began her comeback with a controversial lip-synced performance of the national anthem at President Barack Obama’s inauguration, in January. She followed it by, a live performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, which wowed and silenced the critics.

The 31-year-old pop singer and her rapper husband, Jay-Z, 43 are one of the most influential couples, who have managed to guard their privacy.
“Knowing that, at this point in my life, this age is so wonderful because I see everything so differently, and I hope that I can share that with other people,” Beyoncé said.

In the 90 minute exclusive look, Beyoncé also shared more sweet moments between herself, and husband Jay-Z, than ever before.

“I would not be the woman I am if I didn’t go home to that man” she told Oprah, during their sit-down.

“Life is But a Dream” will be followed by a world tour, beginning in April, and after that, Beyoncé told Winfrey she might want to have another baby.