Doing it for Hip Hop: Interview with Pro Status

Doing it for Hip Hop: Interview with Pro Status

Doing it for Hip Hop: Interview with Pro Status

Pro Status has spoken and after releasing his refreshing new mixtape INNOVATIONS. Pro Status shows he is ready for the pros. With his debut INNOVATIONS, Pro Status shows that he is more than just a poet and writer but a talented MC with a passion and love for hip hop.

Here’s Pro Status dropping his own status.

KJN: Tell the world who Pro Status is.
PRO STATUS: A young man who has taken the hand he was dealt and made the best of it. So many artists today are taking something from someone else and claiming it as theirs instead of learning as much as possible and creating their own identity. I’m all about progression. There’s always room for improvement.

KJN: How would you describe your style?
PRO STATUS: My style has a mixture of things within it. I find inspiration in so many things, but if I had to describe it in one word I would say impeccable because I set high standards for myself. And that’s with all of my endeavors not just music.

KJN: How was the idea for INNOVATION conceived?
PRO STATUS: It’s crazy because I was writing everyday with no intention of focusing on one particular song. The album title actually came from listening to President Obama during the last campaign. He mentioned the term “Innovation” often in his speeches and it was a perfect match for what I was trying to accomplish and the message I wanted to send out. I was just writing whatever was coming to my mind during that time. Once the production for Innovation started coming in I was just matching up the verses written to the mood of the tracks I chose. I know my style of composition is unorthodox in the eyes of many but it works for me.

KJN: How did you approach it? Inspiration behind it?
PRO STATUS: I approached it the same way I did as an athlete in the off season. Hip Hop isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You can’t rush something great. With this being my first album I wanted to make a great first impression with every intention on getting better. I wanted to prove something to myself and show those who inspired me the most how grateful I was for the road they paved for me.

KJN: Favorite track on Innovation?
PRO STATUS: It’s hard to choose but I think I had the most fun recording “Breathe Life”. That joint and “Pray For Him” describe my state of mind the best during that era.

KJN: Any new projects on the horizon?
PRO STATUS: I’m always working on something new. Right now I’m in the process of working on my EP which is entitled “Hoop Dreams” which will be sometime in the Spring. I have a lot things lined up after that as well. I like to plan ahead. My godfather always taught me that ahead of time was better time.

Doing it for Hip Hop: Interview with Pro Status

KJN: What else are you up too or is music your first love?
PRO STATUS: I played professional basketball for three years. The game always had my heart and it always will. I believe God gave basketball to me as a path to get to where I am now as an artist. Hip-Hop has been a part of me since I was 9 years old. So it feels great to have the best of both worlds. I’ve been blessed to have acting opportunities and also host prestigious events such as open mic/poetry nights. The sky isn’t the limit, now it’s just the view.

KJN: Dream collaboration?
PRO STATUS: Whoa that’s tough! If I had to choose just one artist, it would be Jay-Z.

KJN: Your a writer, anything you working on?
PRO STATUS: Actually I am. I’m working on a short novel I’m calling “One Deep Breathe” and I would love to write my own stage play one day.

KJN: Where can fans keep up with what your doing?
PRO STATUS: You can follow on Twitter @ProStatus85. My music is available at:

-Kelly J Newson

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