Ex-LAPD Christopher Dorner found (video)

Ex-LAPD Christopher Dorner found (video)

Six days after starting the search for Christopher Dorner, police allegedly found the suspect in the area of Big Bear. Officers have surrounded the alleged fugitive is walk. A confrontation between the suspect and the authorities came after Dorner went into a house.  A couple and they stole the vehicle. One of them managed to escape and call the authorities. Three officers were reportedly injured in the clash.

Police were in a fierce gunfight with the fugitive ex-LAPD cop suspected of killing three and declaring war on the force, with the wanted man holed up in a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains, law enforcement sources said.

Two police officers were reportedly injured, and it was not known if Christopher Dorner was hit in the dramatic battle that unfolded early Tuesday afternoon in the resort area of Big Bear. A police source told The Associated Press Dorner, who has vowed not to be taken alive, earlier burglarized a cabin on the mountain resort area where days ago his truck was found burning. Two people were bound inside the cabin, but one managed to escape and call authorities around 12:50 p.m. local time.

Early this morning, the LAPD was investigating the more than 1,000 clues to the whereabouts of the former policeman, who began arriving after authorities announced a reward of $ 1 million. The City Council had added $ 100,000 to the huge sum.

Today is the sixth, when authorities allegedly found the suspect.

Lt. Andy Neiman confirmed during a news conference that Dorner was the man who appeared in the video of the Sport Chalet store buying scuba gear, days before the alleged retaliation. The video, released Monday by TMZ, showed the fugitive walking quietly in the store on February 1, 2013

A criminal complaint filed on February 7, 2013 in the Federal Court in Los Angeles Dorner accused have escaped to avoid being judged and speculated that the fugitive might have crossed the border into Mexico.

The complaint contained an affidavit from U.S. Sheriff, Inspector Craig McClusky, written the day he was found the suspect’s truck in the mountains of Big Bear. The statement mentioned McClusky an individual whose description matches that of fugitive trying to escape to Mexico. The document also mentioned a person identified as “JY” that was seen in Costa Mesa and I could have worked with Dorner. The statement did not detail what kind of relationship existed between “JY” and the fugitive. A family member “J.Y.” has a property in the San Bernardino Mountains has been investigated by Sheriff’s investigators San Bernardino County.

Police have followed other leads on sightings of the fugitive, but so far had proved false.

San Bernardino police were on the scene the county Sheriff’s Department shut down Highway 38 to create a choke point, sources told Fox News. Four area schools were on lockdown.

Dorner is suspected of gunning down Monica Quan, 28, and her fiancé Keith Lawrence, 27, on Feb.3 in a parking garage in Irvine, Calif. Quan’s father, Randall Quan, represented Dorner at the hearing in which he lost his job in 2009. On Monday, a day after Quan and Lawrence were found dead, some of Dorner’s belongings were discovered in a trash bin near San Diego. Dorner’s bizarre manifesto surfaced on Facebook, implicating him in the murders and announcing his twisted plan for revenge against his former employer. Police hunted Dorner in San Diego, where last Wednesday night a man matching his description tried unsuccessfully to steal a boat from a marina there.

His car was 1st found in San Bernardino, California in flames and deserted on the side of Bear Mountain official follow the track on the snow leading away from the vehicle. Personnel and several team continued to search the area of Big Bear Lake, 80 miles away from Los Angeles. Dorner had registered a complaint against his training officer for kicking a suspect. The review board found his accusations false, and terminated him. Dorner is a Navy reservist. After his graduation from the academy in 2006, he left for a 13-month military deployment in November.

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