Man Kills Family, Takes Own Life

Man Kills Family, Takes Own Life

Man Kills Family, Takes Own Life

Approximately 2 a.m. Saturday morning, a man murdered his wife, two children, and then turned the gun on himself.  This happened in an apartment building in Erwin, Tennessee.

Police are indicating it was the result of a domestic relations incident.  The names of the family will be withheld until family can be notified.

Once again, Mr. La Pierre, this was not the act of a criminal, or a man declared mentally ill.  As it is with all too many deaths by gun, this was a family killed by another family member.

As “Gabby” Giffords said, “it’s time”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

2 Responses to "Man Kills Family, Takes Own Life"

  1. R. R. Gamble   February 2, 2013 at 10:18 pm

    Mister Turnage, how can you make a statement as to the mental well-being of the suspect without knowing his identity? The identity of the family has yet to be made public. I did know him personally, and I believe he did suffer from mental illness of an unspecified nature, and like so many others was undiagnosed. Speaking as a social scientist, I will once again affirm that firearms are merely an outlet for the misdirected frustration and violence caused and fostered by socioeconomic oppression and inequality, and our country’s failure to diagnose and effectively treat mental illness, and that by merely ignoring the cause for the violence and instead stripping away gun rights, we are doing a horrible injustice not only to gun-owners, but also to the rest of our citizens who are in need of serious relief in the form of drastic socioeconomic reform. In any case, even though you are in disagreement with what I’ve said here, you cannot ignore the following truth: your credibility will only suffer if you make statements based on information to which you cannot have access.

    • Rob   February 3, 2013 at 6:16 am

      Ditto on this statement. I know this family as well.

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