Oscars, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson “Robsten” and Kelly Osbourne, A triangle?

Robert Pattinson in Australia,and the hourglass, scantily clad bikini wearers in the land of kangaroos'.

Kelly Osbourne, Where for art thou, Heartthrob Rob?

Kelly Osbourne… Romeo Heartthrob Rob Robsten! RHRR, its like the lettering from a royal emblem…

Kelly Osbourne “@MissKellyO”, has apparently upset some twitter followers.

The scoop is that Miss Kelly Osbourne commented that Robsten aren’t together, according to sources. Is she sending out a wave pool to cause a rift, does she want to date the heartthrob, that is Mr. Robert Pattinson, herself?

Cindy Lauper, Kelly Osbourne, Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson-Robsten
Looking very Cindy Lauper
Miss Kelly O looking very  Royale!
Miss Kelly O looking very Royale!


Miss Kelly Osbourne has come a long way.

And, there have been some nasty come backs to Miss Kelly O. Whoops! Talk about get on the wrong side of her following, bravo… good work.

Yesterday I reported on the talk around the break up, and according to sources, Miss Kelly Osbourne, agreed with the report.

So, there is still a big question floating around the fans of “Robsten” and Hollywood. Are they together, are they not. Is Kristen Stewart looking in the opposite direction to where she should be?

With her heartthrob boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, in Australia, could he be swayed by the hourglassed, scantily clad bikini wearers in the land of kangaroos’. Its certain to say that, these beauties will certainly be taking full advantage of the opportunity, to be noticed by  “Heartthrob Rob”.

Oscars 2013, Robsten, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Kelly OsbourneFurthermore, K-Stew partied with a group, including Rob’s pal and reported birthday girl Scout Compton and celebrated at En Sushi in Los Feliz, which is near Kristen and Rob’s home.

A source reported: “They were celebrating a friend’s birthday and sang Happy Birthday to her.” Adding, “They all shared the hot chocolate cake.”

Robert Pattinson has not been to En Sushi for quite some time.

Stewart, who’s presenting at the Oscars on tonight, and bets are on that she will wear red, was spotted getting sushi near her Los Feliz home on Tuesday, and while on first glance she was with a “mystery guy,” it turns out the fellows she was hanging with are reportedly musician mates of her Robert Pattinsons.

Kristen Stewart helped Taylor Lautner celebrate his 21st birthday

With a source telling us on multiple occasions that ‘Robsten’ are just fine and that Stewart has been reluctant to visit Pattinson in Australia so as not to distract from his relatively short, six-week film shoot in Adelaide, we’re inclined to think she wouldn’t socialize with his friends if they were on the outs.

Meanwhile, Pattinson is indeed Down Under shooting The Rover, and some of the locals tweeted that they saw him checking out Adelaide Fringe, an annual arts-of-all-kinds festival (from painting to puppetry), earlier this week.

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