Rihanna gets a restraining order

Being a beautiful woman and Pop Star, has it's drawbacks.

Rihanna – Restraining Order

Rihanna, Chris Brown, Police, Stalker, Restraining orderRihanna recently filed for a restraining order. This time against a disturbing stalker, who broke into one of her neighbor’s homes, thinking it was where Rihanna’s lived. The intruder has been identified as, Steveland Barrow, who not only broke into the home, but slept in the bed and stole property.

Steveland Barrow, was arrested last Thursday, but has since been released. Leaving Rihanna, to fear for her safety, and forced, to take out a restraining order.

Since, Steveland Barrow, was released, no one knows of his whereabouts.

Since the Grammys, Rihanna, has had to beef up her security, including hiring some secret service agents. As well as having a new security system installed into her Pacific Palisades home, which now, has a fully equipped panic room.

It all started when, Rihanna, and Chris Brown, rekindled their love and appeared as a loving couple, at this year’s Grammys Awards. That’s when the death threats began and more recentl, a stalker.

Still, the pop diva continues to live her life as she has been posting photos to her Instagram, of herself, just enjoying life.

-Kelly J Newson

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