South Africa: Violence. Pistorius vs Police Brutality

A South African beauty, A South African Hero and, the South African Police... South Africa- where does it stop?

South African Police… In those we Trust

South Africa, which is worse? The alleged, accidental killing of Reeva Steenkamp or how the South African Police allegedly dragged a handcuffed taxi driver behind their moving vehicle- on purpose! As children we grow up being taught by our parents to trust the police. What of the South African community, what are they taught? Not the same I’d say.

Reeva SteencampReeva Steenkamp was a prolific user of Twitter. Ironically she tweeted only hours before her death at how safe she felt and to support those who are against Domestic Violence.

She was a beautiful young lady and by all counts would have been a huge inspiration to young woman in South Africa everywhere. She married a disabled man, who by all counts, rose against the odds and became a sporting hero. Oscar Pistorius and his blade running legs, has been charged with the crime of murdering Reeva Steenkamp, but there is a lot of public debate as to just how realistic it is for a burglar to break into the confines of such a protected community.

Oscar PistoriusHowever, in the mind of Oscar Pistorius, according to reports, he feared for his life whilst being in such a vulnerable position, and unable to protect himself against a would be perpetrator. In the mind of someone so vulnerable, could they be capable of killing someone by self defense, without even seeing if the threat is real? I say yes, it is possible. Because we as citizens have learned to shoot and ask questions later, especially the vulnerable in our society. Do I advocate violence, no absolute not. But, put yourself in his shoes for five minutes. If he is telling the truth, and he did fear for his life, would you in the same position, in exactly the same circumstances, do the same thing?

The murder scene was a locked bathroom within a fortified mansion in an elite group, surrounded by barbed wire, in a country where more than half the population earns less than $65 a month, and killings, are now so common that they reach the highest hierarchy of society and celebrity. Why is gun violence so prevalent in South Africa?

Reeva Steenkamp, described herself on Twitter as “SA Model, Cover Girl, Tropika Island of Treasure Celeb Contestant, Law Graduate, Child of God,” tweeted a lot. She loved her friends! She loved red-carpet events and award ceremonies and sponsored parties! She loved her modeling agency and new skin creams and the people who fixed her hair! This beauty is now gone. Is it because of environment, is it because she married a vulnerable man, is it because of Domestic Violence. I’m sure, we will never really know the truth, regardless of the outcome of the trial.

And now, we allegedly have a man being dragged through the streets via handcuffs, by the South African Police, no less. What is going on in South Africa? What is going on around the world?

We report on violence every day. And the violence is getting worse regarding guns, domestic violence, gang rapes and pedophilia. Woman, children, animals and the vulnerable are constantly attacked. Why are we so violent? What’s sad though, is how disconnected we are. We have never been more connected, in a world of technology and communication devices, but, we have never been more disconnected in regards to how we treat each other. You can’t feel empathy for another species if you’re disconnected, and we are not empathetic, or how else would we be able to constantly attack the weak and vulnerable in society. So, how do we reconnect?

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Debra Wattes
Columnist- The Guardian Express

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