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This website was first conceived as a print newspaper to be distributed in and around the Las Vegas, Nevada area. While originally founded by DiMarkco Chandler, the company began to emerge as a real media player when Bonito Sahagun decided to provide his professional expertise to complete the partnership now known as Frackle Media Group.

Guardian Liberty Voice newspaper, led by Frackle Media moved away from printing newspapers after 22 consecutive publication weeks and began to focus their efforts online.

Since its February 2012 launch, Guardian Liberty Voice has turned the corner from start-up to a legitimate online newspaper.

Guardian Liberty Voice publisher has been quoted as saying:

I spent 10 years working on a BA, MA and PhD before I saw any real fruit from my labor, but during that period I gained knowledge and experience. Thus, what we offer is a real opportunity for writers and reporters to grow their talent and skills in a professional journalistic environment. No time clocks, no pressure, just peer accountability. Your work will be subjected to 7,000,000 to 10,000,000 verifiable readers per month. Do you have that many verifiable viewers on your blog? If you do, you definitely don’t need us.

That said, Guardian Liberty Voice is a Las Vegas based newspaper with a broad scope that includes national and world news. They offer their readers relevant news, commentaries and amusement to inform, inspire and enhance the quality of life for members of a culturally diverse world community. Their news stories aim to expose injustice and corruption, which can undermine the liberties and freedoms cherished by all. Ultimately, Guardian Liberty Voice seeks to provide a safe platform from which to sound the diverse voices of the wonderful world community, encouraged always by today’s successes and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Articles vary in number and include such category topics as science, business, health, religion, politics, entertainment, technology, sports etc.

Guardian Liberty Voice strives to be original and to provide fresh breaking news stories and opinions around the clock, 7 days a week.