Chris Brown and Meek Mill seen partying together


Chris Brown and Meek Mill seen partying together

So it seems Chris Brown and Meek Mill have buried the beef between them. Not since the infamous WIP club incident where Meek Mill apparently took Drake’s side have the two been seen out together. Now, it seems the two have put their differences aside and called a truce.

It was during a night out at Cameo in North Carolina where Breezy was out out with friends where he ran across Meek Mill. The two were seen shaking hands, laughing and talking. It clearly looked like the two had buried the beef.

Also the following night Drake was seen at the same club only the Canadian rapper was seen dropping $50,000 on the strippers. Drake is no stranger to making it rain in the club.

Still, no peace offering between Drake and Chris Brown. For Chris Brown and Drake have yet to speak to one another.

As for Breezy he seemed to have had a good time Friday night as did Drake the following night. Who was taking a break from completing his upcoming album. Drake’s latest single STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM is available now on iTunes

As for Breezy it’s back to work as he looks to complete and release his sixth album later this year.

-Kelly J Newson