Chris Brown on set of his new video “Fine China”

Chris Brown on set of his new video “Fine China”

Chris Brown on set of his new video "Fine China"

Chris Brown as of late has been making headlines for partying and also for performing a freestyle at a club that many say was a shot at Drake. Breezy has been seen partying in Hawaii for Rihanna’s birthday to partying in North Carolina at a strip club with Meek Mill to partying in Los Angeles. Now, Chris Brown seems to be back focused on his music as he finishes his upcoming album that is set for release later this year.

Recently, in Los Angeles Chris was spotted shooting a new video for his latest single entitled FINE CHINA from his upcoming untitled album. Chris was spotted wearing a baker boy hat and a bow tie while smoking a few cigarettes as he shot scenes with his red Lamborghini and with his music video’s love interest.

Also team breezy can expect a dance sequence in this video, for Chris did shoot a nice number for his FINE CHINA video. Besides what is a Breezy video without a dance sequence.

Still, it is great to see Chris back focused on his music and with a new album on the way. As for when fans can expect Breezy’s next album, or when they can expect this new video and single to be released. Fans will have to just wait until Chris announces and keep an eye out on iTunes.

-Kelly J Newson

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