Creative Renaissance: where showing up is half the battle won

Creative Renaissance where showing up is half the battle won

Do you find that when you take a hiatus from your craft, whether brief or prolonged, that when you are able to resume it, it comes back with an intense vengeance? I suppose as artists, writers, and musicians, this is true! Is it not? I find that it is, in fact, true in my experience as a writer and singer. However, this time, I have a craving to write that is so strong, if I am not writing, I am thinking about writing– my fingers tingle with the desire to put every idea on paper before they escape. The intense drive and determination has become a creative renaissance for me; a rebirth, if you will. This renaissance has opened many new doors and opportunities that were not available to me in the times before.

While I do not expect instant recognition for my poetry or fiction, I now have opportunities that offer compensation to help support my personal writing aspirations. My blogs here and the other company I blog for offers a great many benefits. I am able to write professionally, be compensated, and realize my dream, all at the same time. While I do have deadlines to meet, both companies realize that I am also a parent, and have other obligations. I have been able to recreate myself as a writer and realize other abilities and talents I have as a blogger. It proves that I am not a one-dimensional writer, but have many other dimensions, and can cover a variety of genres and themes in my writing to keep myself more marketable.

So, what will your creative renaissance be? How will you recreate yourself as a writer, artist, or musician? I dare you to explore new opportunities; even ones that you have always wanted to do, but have been too afraid to pursue. If you are a writer, what genres or topics have you wanted to cover, but due to lack of knowledge or experience, you shy away from them? Musicians, have you wanted to learn a new instrument, or write your own music? Are you a still-life artist who focuses on one medium; the one you are best at? Have you always wanted to try charcoal or pastels, even though you are a master of watercolors? There is no crime in trying, or taking lessons to master other mediums. Something I have recently learned from a great book, The Writer’s Idea Book, is that you must simply show up! Showing up is half the battle won; this does not only pertain to writing, but to all creative processes.

Writers will appreciate this, but even if you are not, you can still try this little exercise:

Write down 5-10 new genres, mediums, or musical skills/instruments you would like to master. Try to answer these questions for each.

Is this a realistic goal?

How long will it take me to master this?

Is there research involved?

What is the cost of learning new skill? Will it fit into my budget?

Will I have time in my schedule to pursue this?

Will my family support my new endeavors? If not, does my passion to learn new skill override the need for approval?

Who could be my mentor to help me accomplish these new skills?

What are possible obstacles that could hinder my success in this new endeavor?

I would love for this post to be interactive! Comment in FIVE WORDS or LESS, your new skill you want to master, and how you plan to do so!!

Written By: Brielle C.

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  1. Barry Morisse   September 12, 2013 at 4:32 am

    Crucial topic that I think a lot of people miss! I’m working big time on consistency in my blog posts!


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