Las Vegas Strip Lights Out On Saturday

Las Vegas ,  It’s lights out for the Las Vegas Strip this weekend.

Las Vegas Strip will participate in Earth Hour on Saturday evening. Many of the lights along the Strip will dim or go dark in honor of Earth Hour 2013.

Its an important event and marks the seventh year for Earth Hour. But the message is much deeper than that. It’s about respecting our resources and saving the planet. Earth Hour is a global movement, intended to raise awareness about our wastage of environmental resources. It takes water to create power and creating better habits to respect that resource will enable us to still have it in the future.

Las Vegas is participating by dimming the lights on hotel-casinos on the Strip and turning them off in some neighborhoods around the valley. Please take care and be safe.

Whether you are reducing your carbon footprint by using less energy, recycling more or helping to replenish rain forests by purchasing environmentally-friendly products, the message is to challenge others to do something to help save the planet.

You can accept the challenge to turn off your lights Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. in support of Earth Hour and turn on your ideas to help the environment in the hours, weeks and years to come.

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