Mindless Behavior are ‘All Around the World’

Mindless Behavior are ‘All Around the World’

Mindless Behavior are 'All Around the World'


There will always be teen girls and with that there will always be boybands who teen girls love and can’t get enough of.  From the Jackson 5 to New Kids on the Block , The Backstreet Boys and now One Direction and Mindless Behavior.  Boybands will never fade away in fact some will reunite and/or never leave their fans as they continue to create new music for their loyal following.  Take for instance New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, both groups have been around for years.  The Backstreet Boys notably have been around nearly 20 years and will be celebrating their 20th anniversary next month as they receive their star on the walk of fame and releasing a new album.

Now, for a group such as Mindless Behavior they are just beginning and can only hope to have the longevity that The Backstreet Boys, Jackson 5, and New Kids on the Block have.  It is tough to stay relevant and have your fans grow with you and your music still, many artists such as Mindless Behavior and One direction fight to stay relevant and continue to create music that the more mature fans could like.  While also fighting the stereotype that their music is for screaming teen girls who have no real taste in music and that their a talent less boyband assembled by some pop factory.

Mindless Behavior begin in 2008 when producer, arranger and Svengali Walter Milsap II and the manager Keisha Gamble begin to assemble a boyband by having auditions by hundreds of applicants.  Mindless Behavior were born the same way that some other notable boybands were formed.  Mindless Behavior consists of  Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton, and Ray Ray.  A quintet of teenage boys who love to sing and dance and please their fans.

Now, with their latest album ALL AROUND THE WORLD, Mindless Behavior are looking to have a Mindless takeover and be as successful as their predecessors The Jackson 5.

Also, Mindless Behavior are making their name and brand more popular with their newly released documentary entitled ALL AROUND THE WORLD.  Fans can catch Mindless Behavior at their local movie theater as Princeton, Roc Royale, Prodigy and Ray Ray hit the big screen in ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

-Kelly J Newson


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