President Obama’s limo towed while in Israel

President Obama’s limo towed while in Israel

President Obama's limo towed while in Israel

While on his Israeli trip, President Obama’s limo became non-functional and had to be towed. No details are being told on exactly why it was towed but a replacement was ready to go shortly after the mishap.

“The Americans filled it up with diesel, rather than [gasoline],” this according to Israeli’s channel two.

However, the Secret Service are not elaborating on Israeli’s channel two story and are denying that the wrong fuel was used, calling the incident just a mishap. A spokesperson for the Secret Service said this, “Secret Service will acknowledge that a vehicle broke down. That’s why we bring extra vehicles, mechanics etc.”

So what could have caused the mishap and caused President Obama’s limo to be carried on a flatbed truck due to it’s breakdown. Secret Service are not explaining what happened but President Obama was photographed in a replacement not long after.

Also, while visiting the Holy Land President Obama has stressed how important his trip there is, saying that the United States is proud to be Israel’s strongest ally and greatest friend.
President Obama had this to say early in his trip:

“I want to begin right now, by answering a question that is sometimes asked about our relationship — why? Why does the United States stand so strongly, so firmly with the State of Israel? And the answer is simple. We stand together because we share a common story — patriots determined “to be a free people in our land,” pioneers who forged a nation, heroes who sacrificed to preserve our freedom, and immigrants from every corner of the world who renew constantly our diverse societies.

We stand together because we are democracies. For as noisy and messy as it may be, we know that democracy is the greatest form of government ever devised by man.

We stand together because it makes us more prosperous. Our trade and investment create jobs for both our peoples. Our partnerships in science and medicine and health bring us closer to new cures, harness new energy and have helped transform us into high-tech hubs of our global economy.

We stand together because we share a commitment to helping our fellow human beings around the world. When the earth shakes and the floods come, our doctors and rescuers reach out to help. When people are suffering, from Africa to Asia, we partner to fight disease and overcome hunger.

And we stand together because peace must come to the Holy Land. For even as we are clear-eyed about the difficulty, we will never lose sight of the vision of an Israel at peace with its neighbors.”

-Kelly J Newson

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