Rihanna gets three year restraining order

Rihanna gets three year restraining order

Rihanna gets three year restraining order

After filing for a temporary restraining order in Febuary, pop star Rihanna has obtained a three year permanent restraining order against obsessed fan Steveland Barrow. Steveland Barrow last month broke into one of Rihanna’s neighbor home. Steveland Barrow assumed it was the pop diva’s home, where he slept in one of the beds and stole personal property from the home.

Rihanna’s lawyer Miles Cooley told the court that Steveland Barrow has caused “substantial emotional distress and concern for her personal safety.”

Now, the judge has issued Rihanna a three year restraining order against Steveland Barrow ordering him to stay 100 yards away from the diva.

As for Steveland Barrow he claimed he was invited to Rihanna’s home and when arrested had poetry in his possession that was directed towards Rihanna. He was hoping to use the poetry to get Rihanna’s attention and that he did but it wasn’t the attention he hoped for.

Still, during the time that Steveland Barrow broke into Rihanna’s neighbor home, Rihanna was in Hawaii celebrating her 25th birthday with boyfriend Chris Brown.

Now, with the restraining order in place Rihanna can have some peace of mind and continuing focusing on her Diamonds world tour. As she continues to sell out arenas and see her songs top the pop and R&B charts.

-Kelly J Newson

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