Sandy Hook, Aurora, 911 And More: A Truth Seeker Poem

What's the truth, and how would any of us know? We've all been told lies, and which way to go

Sandy Hook, Aurora, 911 And More A Truth Seeker Poem 1

Now I feel lost, confused and uninformed.
While killers and leaders are praised and adorned.

Sandy Hook, Aurora, 9/11 and more,
Conjured up, contrived? Can’t be! I deplore.

All this crazy talk, starting to rise to the surface
Has led me to ponder our very existence and purpose.

Are we all just pawns in an international struggle?
Or is it bigger than that, with players visible through Hubble?

Where did we come from? Created, assembled, manipulated genes?
Decendants of Adam, working slaves for alien beings?

Nibiru, Planet X, Mayan Callendar, Conjuction?
With so many lies, it’s almost impossible to function.

Where do we turn, if we’re looking for the truth?
I’ve read all the books written by authors said in sooth.

But it can’t all be true, from two suns to 11 dimentions
from Jesus Christ will return, asteroid bombardment not to mention

Atlantis, greek myths, the horoscope, law of attraction,
the atrologers, the occult, Bohemian Grove or all these factions;

Like Rosecrutians, Bohemians, The Rothchilds, the Jews,
Rockafeller, Alister Crowley, and all these so-called underground crews,

Like the Illuminatti, The Masons, Reptillians, the Grays
The Catholics Pope Prophesy, Apocalypse, end of days?

The tantra, binaural beats, what frequency are we omitting?
Everytime a great mind speaks, it’ll be lies if self fitting.

Unified Field, Vibration and string theory, meditation should be mentioned,
A dream world, where we don’t exist, well we do in other dimentions.

Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge, the healing power of the herbs
What is real, what is not and what is for the birds?

Hallucinate or Hypnotise and past life regression
I’m sorry, your times up, we’ll continue this next session.

Next session, but doctor, you charge by the hour…
All this just isn’t adding up and I’m starting to get sour

Why would a Doctor heal me, if he’s paid only when I’m sick?
And these 1000 emails daily, are just lieing for a click?

The school system sucks, they teach lies and hinder thought
Wheres all the real life teachings, is this what my tax dollars bought?

And these colleges and their fees, Thirty thousand in tuition?
Couldn’t professors teach from home? The internet is no longer just a vision.

It’s more lies, it’s a system, like hospitals and pills
Confuse them, then loan them, now they can’t pay their bills

It’s a new way of slavery, and we were trapped with deceit
Oh please Mr. President can I have food stamps, I’ll kiss your feet

It’s schemes, it’s scams, it’s prophesy, from people full of crap
It’s bankers, wall street and the federal reserve. We suffer while they nap.

Every Newscast in the world has been filtered for our eyes?
We are told what we’re supposed to know so all we know is lies.

The Mormans, Joseph Smith, are his gold plates for real?
Are flying saucers salivating, eyeing 7 billion as a meal?

The Allignment, Crop Circles, L Ron Hubbard and Tom Cruise,
Is it lies, or is it truth, all these recent “Police State” coos?

Get your guns, turn in your guns, the Government is prepping for a war.
Build a bunker, invest in medals, the worst is still in store.

How bout Fema, detention camps, or the New World Order?
A fiat currency, silver and gold, eliminate the mexican/American Border?

The Chakra, my third eye, the pituitary gland.
Isn’t it time us truth-seekers, bind together and take a stand?

Just tell me what to do, I’ve been taught the wrong way.
Is their available free energy as the great Tesla would say?

Stonehenge, the Pyramids, the Georgia Guidestones, are these clues?
We better decide quickly or we could be yesterdays news.

Where is truth, where is justice, where’s the answer that we seek?
I certainly don’t see a world inherited by the meek.

Instead the greedy, the rude, those with domination on their mind
Have taken over this world that I’ll bet was meant to be yours and mine.

And the great thinkers of the past Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
If they saw todays America, would they see it as the World Model?

We’re going crazy, getting lazy, and in a terrible direction!
One set for us by our government officials put in place by an election.

But what if that too, were a lie, a set-up, or a devious plan.
This has all the makings of collusion of which I certainly am no fan!

We are all in this together right? It’s not East vs. West.
It certainly isn’t a nuclear race of who can destroy the Earth the best.

We need more great thinkers, Michelangelo or Francis Bacon
Or a Tomasso Campanella, jailed 27 years but never shaken!

He knew we had a reason here, a purpose on this Earth
Reincarnation could be possible, I don’t even remember my own birth

If no one is gonna help me, well then I’ll do it on my own
I don’t know what to believe, just know it’s not what I’ve been shown

Priests are not infallible, they don’t turn wine into some blood
Noah didn’t get 50 million species on the boat before the flood

Catholics and Christians, have been lied to just the same
Opress women, scare the public, religion is just a game

Take the truth, distort it, spread lies so you have power
We know truths, that you cannot, so no one knows the day or the hour.

Jesus, Mohammed, Buddah, Allah, the Dali Lama
The antichrist, it’s Hitler, it’s Judas, Bush, maybe President Obama

Well all I know is I am here, and one incredible invention
The idea of the Big Bang or no creator deserves no mention

Ooooze did not evolve into the human mind or into a whale
And the creator is not a killer, bible writer or male

The one, the source, the center, the force, the spirit, the great creator;
The absolute, the supreme power is not a woman hater.

How follish the people have become to lie and pretend
Since each of comes from the mind whose ideas never end.

We are meant for greatness, and someone is trying to take what was intended
But the level of deception perpetrated now can’t be comprehended.

So if you know the truth and what it is, that we are supposed to do
Help those of us who don’t so we can help some others too

Reclaim what’s ours and take what’s been stolen by Governmental fools
Until then, I’ll simply follow, the rule of heart, the Golden Rule.

Written By: Jeran Campanella

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  1. Paperchase. Media   May 20, 2013 at 2:40 pm


  2. cucumberlodge   May 2, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    cime to cucumber lodge for truth poetry

  3. Shahar   March 28, 2013 at 11:59 am

    Why don’t you learn to spell?
    Calendar, not Callendar; astrologers, not atrologers.
    Mormons, not Mormans; Alignment, not Allignment.
    Use a spell checker: you’ll find many more of these.


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