Shanghai Residents Concerned About Possible “Swine Flu”

Shanghai Residents

Shanghai Residents Concerned About Possible “Swine Flu”

As of Friday, the number of dead pigs found in the waters in and around China’s financial capital, Shanghai, reached almost 12,000.

Upstream lies the city of Jiaxing, where there are many small hog farms.  3,601 carcasses have been recovered from its streams.  8,354 swollen and rotting carcasses were recovered from Huangpu river, which provides the metropolis with drinking water.

Although the pigs are certain to be from Jiaxing, Mr Zhao Shumei, the Deputy Mayor, will not confirm it.

Authorities from both Jiaxing and Shanghai, claim the water is safe, and there is no danger of “swine flu” infestation.  The 23 million residents of Shanghai are not confident that the information is accurate.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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