US Marines Lose 3 in Shooting at Quantico, Virginia, Lockdown Lifted (Video)

Quantico, Virginia lockdown has been lifted, as 3 U.S. Marines lost their lives (Video)

The lockdown at Quantico in  Virginia has been lifted. But in the aftermath, US Marines lose 3 in deadly shooting by one of their own.

A base spokesman says the suspect in the shooting at Marine Base Quantico was dead when officials discovered his body. Unofficially, it appears he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound along with a second victim.

Lt. Agustin Solivan says authorities entered the barracks early Friday where the suspect had barricaded himself after a fatal shooting and found him dead along with another victim.

The standoff began after a shooting on the base around 11 p.m. Thursday.

The shooter was pinned down inside a building at the Quantico Marine Base, according to 1st Lt. Agustin Solivan, a Marine Corps spokesman. The suspect,  a Marine, shot another person on the main side of the base, near the Officer Candidate School, Solivan told WUSA. The lockdown was announced across the base using the public address system, said a Marine on the installation. Families were told to stay in their homes.

A message posted on the base’s Facebook page shortly after the shooting warned all residents to stay in their homes until the suspect is apprehended.

Marine base residents were told to follow all instructions being delivered by the Giant Voice System on campus, which instructed residents to remain inside their homes and to keep their doors locked and secure.

While the suspect was still barricaded, reports indicated that  the suspect was a staff member at the officer candidate school located on the base.

No names have been at the base. Solivan says the two others killed were also Marines.

The base had been put on lockdown but the lockdown has been lifted.

Early Friday after an isolated shooting left 1 dead at the Officer Candidate School, the base said. The gunman was surrounded after barricading himself in barracks.

The threat level was boosted to FPCON Delta, the base said on its website and Facebook page. That threat level can describe an active shooter or a terrorist attack.