Walking Dead on PS Vita, Sony’s new handheld, to shock and fright users

According to IGN, The Walking Dead video game on PS Vita, Sony’s new handheld device, will surprise users in terms of shock and fright. Moreover, the game will soon be available.  I’m sure there will be a lot of zombie apocalypse-based gamer’s who will be more than happy to receive this update. The news was confirmed by IGN in an interview with PlayStation’s Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation, Don Mesa, who confirmed that Telltale’s critical and commercial smash-hit adventure series would migrate to Sony’s new handheld. He further confirms the The game should be released sometime before the fall, when season 2 of The Walking Dead is set to launch.

“Having [a studio] like Telltale, a very successful indie developer coming in to support us, sends a strong message,” said Mesa

During IGN’s interview, Mesa continued to talk about the Vita iteration of the game. Mesa further commented that “Again, a good example is with The Walking Dead. We think that the emotion and the engrossed experiences you’re going to get there, wherever you’re sitting, if you’re in your living room and playing on your Vita or sitting at a café or at the bus stop and playing this, you get that shock or fright. I think that’s going to be important. That’s what we want to deliver as you’re playing.”

In regard to how it will be released Mesa said, It’s unclear if it will be released episodically as was done with PS3, or all at once. However, you can rest assured that it’s coming.

While developers still create/port their popular titles to the PS Vita, it is a sign of reassurance for Sony, and it should help boost sales of the system. The PlayStation Vita had a hard time nabbing sales after launching. Eventually, Sony decided to reduce the price of its PS Vita gaming system in Japan. Consequently, it saw sales quadruple. Because the Japanese version of the PS Vita did so well after being discounted, Sony decided to extend the same discount to the United States. To ensure stability of sales for the PS Vita, Sony will need more and more developers to bring games over to the device. So gamer’s and developers, get your game on; and start creating.

Many gamer’s are excited to see this available for their PS Vita’s. They will soon be able to enjoy playing through the horrifying, gory story-line in this game, anywhere they want. Another game PS Vita gamer’s can look forward to is the remake of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy X-2. The games are currently in development, and have made good progress so far. On March 25th, Square Enix is set to release an announcement trailer for both games. While the games will be sold under one title for the PlayStation 3, PS Vita owners will unfortunately have to pay separately for each game.

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