Whitney Houston’s sister in-law has suicide scare

Whitney Houston’s sister in-law has suicide scare

Whitney Houston's sister in-law has suicide scare

There was a recent scare among Whitney Houston’s family, this time it was the late diva’s sister in-law who needed 911. Or at least that is what the family thought after Pat Houston posted on her Facebook a disturbing post and didn’t answer her phone.

On her Facebook Pat Houston posted:

“Sometimes you just feel like giving up on life and its many challenges. And for the first time in my life…I’m tired…and I want to finally rest. I love you guys.”

Shortly after, family members attempted to call and text Pat but couldn’t get in contact. So, the family headed over to Pat’s home only to find her laying in bed next to a pill bottle. This prompted the family to call 911 for they feared the worst but as paramedics arrived that is when Pat Houston awoken.

Pat begin to explain the situation saying the pills were pain relievers for her back and that she had turned off her phone while she slept. Pat Houston has confirmed that she was never suicidal and that the Facebook post was just her dealing with stress.

Still, Pat Houston was taken to the hospital and checked out for preventative measures but released shortly after.

-Kelly J Newson

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