Apple Inc. and Windows to employ Scayl the next generation HDemail (Video)

Email Unlimited Size and Quality Video files Cheaper, Faster and Securely

Apple Inc. and Windows introduce Scayl the next generation HDemail
Scayl introduces the beta releases of its next generation HDemail software for Apple Inc. and Windows computers. The new application can be downloaded for free at the National Association of Broadcasting – NAB Show in Las Vegas, Tuesday, April 8-10, 2013.

Media and NAB attendees interested in easily sending very large files are cordially invited to see a demo of large HD videos being sent quickly at Scayl’s booth in the Cloud Computing Pavilion at N5012.

Scayl is unlimited. It enables people to send varied sized emails, from a simple message to very large files. Director Kristy Guevara-Flanagan submitted her award-winning 28.5 GB documentary, “Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines,” to the 25th annual Dallas VideoFest at the Dallas Museum of Art.

The current record of a Scayl file delivery over the internet is a 115 GB Cinematic quality video. “We invite NAB members to break the current Scayl record of 115 GB with us,” said Bill Kallman, CEO of Scayl. “Our distributed cloud approach enabled us to finally cure email’s core problems with delivering large files, one-to-one or one-to-many. While uploading, downloading and streaming services are great, Scayl provides a new intuitive way to deliver large files more easily, faster, more privately and securely at lowest cost. Get the download and learn about how it works on our new Scayl site.”

Scayl is fast because it sends large files directly. Emailing large groups is even faster with the company’s “Mesh Technology”. Independent testing typically benchmarks Scayl at least twice as fast for a first send than an upload/download cloud service for delivering a large file over the Net. Within a Lan, Scayl is ten to hundreds of times faster for users, because it transfers at LAN speed, not the slower internet speed.

Scayl is more private and secure. For consumers, distributors, and publishers, it solves the data ownership problem. Users own their data with Scayl, not third-party web services. Scayl has no central content store to hack or data mine. Users choose how and with whom to share their data.

After its free Beta trial, recipients can use Scayl to receive files for free. Most senders will also enjoy free Scayl service to send up to 20 GB to 20 recipients at a time. For large Scayl applications, the company will provide affordable paid service plans for delivery of files over 20 GB, reaching beyond 20 recipients, and sending petabytes of content with a pennies-per-GB plans after a free terabyte trial.

Scayl respects copyright, is DMCA compliant and can support DRM solutions for secure and trusted email delivery of the highest studio quality digital media content. Creators, marketers, and publishers can widely and quickly distribute high value content suitable with email ease-of-use and rights holders’ DRM-defined business model with analytics.

About Scayl
Scayl enables everyone to communicate directly, easily, faster, more privately and securely, with no attachment size limits at lowest cost. Instead of traditional store and forward email or upload-download services, Scayl applies state-of-the-art techniques to send attachments directly. With direct connection there are no email servers or cloud upload servers limiting message size, transfer, speed, or introducing privacy and security risks. Whether you want to send digital pictures, video or big data, Scayl delivers. Scayl is interoperable with other email services. Content can be delivered to many more efficiently and faster with Scayl’s Mesh Technology.

Scayl next generation HDemail software

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