Abortion Rights Under Attack

Abortion Rights Under Attack

Try to Imagine you are having a baby and the Doctor who does the delivery kills your baby right in front of you. This would be tragedy to witness the murder of your baby. Then the Doctor leaves to commit 20 murders and the media yawns. Too bad the kids couldn’t have been in a school together when a pistol weaving teen could have killed them. There would have been huge media attention and prayers for the small defenseless children. The killer would have a trial and the media would make daily reports and a guilty verdict would result.

The doctor, we will call him Dr. Kermit Gosnall, continues his murderous tirade and finally gets caught and put on trial. Where are the daily updates from all the news outlets? The Leftist Progressives have directed the Leftist Progressive Media to avoid reporting on this story. Why can’t we hear about the 20 million other potential taxpayers who were killed by their mothers, calling it Abortion. Why can’t we learn why the Doctor felt free to kill those babies, it was simply Post Natal Abortion. Now you can see how Abortion Rights are Under Attack by this trial when in the end it is a clear case of Post Natal Abortion.

The New York Times, a Leftist Progressive newspaper, has a writer there who speaks on behalf of all the Leftist Progressive Media. His name is Andrew Rosenthal and he writes, “What does the trial of a Philadelphia doctor who is accused of performing illegal late-term abortions by inducing labor and then killing viable fetuses have to do with the debate over legal abortion?”

Strangely, even as the Times has more or less ignored what is essentially the trial of a serial killer, Rosenthal blames abortion opponents for Gosnell’s alleged crimes because they’ve worked to limit abortion.
But Rosenthal’s chief point is that the trial actually proves the opposite of what media critics have maintained—that the trial proves how horrible abortion can be. Instead, Rosenthal imagines that the trial proves that more abortion is necessary and that it “highlights the need for safe, affordable and available women’s reproductive health care.” More Abortion is a bad thing. We need more taxpayers and can help Spread the Debt we must pay back all 17 Trillion and counting.
Those who are Pro Abortion are mostly Democrats

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  1. s l   April 23, 2013 at 7:09 am

    Actually, The New York Times was on target. Gosnell appears, from evidence so far, to have deliberately killed born persons. And that is completely different from abortion.

    The purpose of abortion is to remove and disconnect an embryo or fetus, nonviable or viable, from a woman’s body. Vaginal or caesarian delivery also removes and disconnects a fetus. But either way, once it is out, if it is viable and continues to live, it is a born person, not a fetus any more.

    An embryo or previable fetus that dies upon being aborted does so as a being without the capacity to live in itself, as an individual biologically separate from the woman. When a viable fetus dies upon being aborted, it dies either because it does not have that capacity or as a result of the method of abortion used.

    But when a viable fetus is removed and disconnected from the woman’s body and is alive and by definition a born person, if it dies because someone deliberate killed it after it became a born person. That death is not an artifact of the removal and disconnection from the woman’s body, but a result of manslaughter or murder, of an act completely distinct from abortion and having a completely different purpose from abortion.

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