Chicago Police Seized 1,825 Firearms in 14 weeks

Chicago Police Seized 1,825 Firearms in 14 weeks

Chicago Police Continue Aggressive Anti-Violence Efforts  More than 1,825 Firearms Seized in First 14 Weeks of 2013

CHICAGO – Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy announced Chicago Police have
seized more than 1,825 firearms to date in 2013 as strategic violence reduction initiatives continue
to target a key source of the problem and enhance public safety. Superintendent McCarthy was
joined by police command staff, including South Chicago (4th) District Commander Berscott Ruiz,
in displaying 20 sample recovered firearms and discussing recent gun recoveries in the City.

“We are seeing progress in reducing the number of murders, shootings and overall crime through
strategic policing, hard work and a strong partnership with community leaders, aldermen, clergy
and residents,” said Superintendent McCarthy. “Officers still face the danger of offenders armed
with illegal guns on a far too frequent basis. To address crime and violence we need stronger laws
to keep illegal guns off our streets, and to punish the dangerous criminals carrying them.”
Officers in the South Chicago (4th) District have recovered 119 weapons to date in 2013.
Additionally, the district has seen 29 percent fewer murders and 11 percent fewer shootings to
date this year versus last year.

Recent incidents further highlight the challenge of guns in Chicago and the aggressive means by
which Chicago Police are pursuing every viable option to ensure public safety. A little more than a
week ago, South Chicago officers arrested an individual in a vehicle armed with two firearms. This
person, a convicted felon and documented gang member, was a passenger in a vehicle stopped
for a traffic violation. Officers saw the offender try to shove a loaded, 9mm handgun under the
front seat. When the officers took the offender out of the vehicle, they also discovered a loaded
revolver tucked in his waistband. Due to his history of felony arrests and weapons convictions, he
was charged with 2 counts of being an Armed Habitual Criminal in addition to UUW by Felon and
other charges.

In the Pullman (5th) District last week, officers arrested a 19-year-old with a loaded handgun. They

were on patrol and this individual, also a convicted felon and self-admitted gang member, fled
from officers. They apprehended him and recovered the weapon. The offender is now facing
felony charges of UUW by Felon.

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  1. Bill Gilmore   July 5, 2013 at 6:53 am

    So, Superintendent McCarthy and South Chicago (4th) District Commander Berscott Ruiz have discovered that ENFORCING EXISTING LAWS has a major effect on the reduction of illegal firearms.

    Perhaps they would also find that returning the firearms to their rightful owners or reselling them would further protect the good citizens of Chicago by restoring the balance of legally armed citizens (Oops. I forgot that citizens of the PRC can’t legally posess firearms, no matter what the Supreme Court of the United States rules.) against the ILLEGALLY ARMED.


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