Electronic Arts, EA, Transforming life Into a Game to Play?

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, EA, Transforming Us Into a Game to Play guardian

Electronic Arts, (EA) has made a sea change in this living globe, visualizing us the ostentatious, stupendous things of splendor. Electronic Arts, first discovered by Trip Hawkins, has opened a maze of electronics astonishingly before our eyes. It not only astonished us but made us to think beyond imagination. From little gadgets to games to animations to movies, EA unfurled the flag with flying colors. Nevertheless, in spite of the technological progress they represent, is Electronic Arts responsible for transforming life into a game to play?

Android has enhanced the level of our entertainment, giving us numerous topics to explore on touch screen mobiles or tablets; whether it be exciting games or animated stories, Android has helped musicians to compose music tones, flow rings ,beats and young enthusiasts to play a little bit of drums, guitars, and violins. As a result, it has changed the the concept of ultimate entertainment. The tiny green doll makes us dance to its tunes. Even female Androids are already knocking your door.

Users can try and try again yet they won’t be out of option as it’s not a store but a world. It’s like the magic lamp of Aladin, magic carpet of wizard, always ready to take you wherever you want to go. The variety of games, concepts, comic strips or even moody sports in a bizarre way accompanies you every time you touch your mobile phone; even people who love outdoor games can’t deny the magic of Electronic arts. Fifa Football invites with new range everyday, new wars games are developing everyday even speed games are here to seduce you.

In field of entertainment, EA has explored every area of our lives, giving us newer technology everyday with computerized gadgets to be worn as wrist watches, headbands, spectacles. Developers have embraced the concept of using eye lens’ as a medium technique through text messaging information, and images. This eye-lens concept is still in development; once it comes to market, it will open a new window of technological reality.

Nothing in the world is one way road; in one way EA gives us new vistas to see and discover. On the other hand, it moves us closer to becoming gadget dependent unsocial people, committed to machines instead of human beings. They stray us away from reality, as we live and see life through our use of gadgets; children minds work according to them; we’re just going away from reality. Men and women are social creatures that have increasingly substituted electronic toys as an interactive member of society, a person without gadget are often taunted by friends, and a person without android skills are often considered socially illiterate. We must understand that too much spice spoils the food. There must be harmony between real and electronic life.

It is true, Electronic Arts has seemingly enhanced our lives by giving us unimaginable entertainment pleasure. We must use them and love them, but we must not be controlled by them. Otherwise, they will transform us into one of their games to play!!

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Written By: Jayeeta Shamsul

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