Google The Ultimate Search Engine

Google – Your Ultimate Search Engine

By Jayeeta Shamsul

Google – Your Ultimate Search Engine

‘Google: Your ultimate search engine’, so goes the proverb. Google is simply a magic wand for our daily life; making it less stressful, wonderful, and stupendous in every way. We explore new things, new habitats, jobs, commodities and wisdom by Google.

It is like a new adventure tool, where you go on a journey; exploring, rediscovering things sitting on your own couch, in your comfy room. It is truly an adventure without a backpack or sleeping bag; it is no less striking than trekking on hilly regions, snorkeling over the Mediterranean and rafting on white water.

Still, in this cruel world kings need to suffer, good men still are punished and bad results may be rewarded. That is what is currently happening to Google. Microsoft is assaulting Google every way possible; they are skewering Google again with ads and regulatory measures.  They are even slatedgoogle 2 to vilify Google Inc. for sharing some personal information.

We love to Google almost everything we need in daily life. It has almost turned into a verb, whenever you can’t find the proper info, someone will say, “Google it” Google is matchless in search, ruthless in information, swift in speed, and a globetrotter of mapping!

Google trimmed itself every time in the field of enterprising and products. Google Apps has made a strong mark on the path of technology, providing us Gmail and Google Docs. We always see that Google invents it, other trim it. The idea always comes from Google. Google products made us tech-savvy, tingling every chord of life’s string. Google Translate globalized the world, Google Chat is a sensation among people, Google Maps urge us to explore, and Google Wave helps us to communicate. Now Google Chrome, an open web browser, touched new chromes/colors in our life canvas; here every user can log in to their account automatically.

Google iPhone Nexus, turned out not to be a phone, but an operating system itself. In September 2008, Google released T-Mobile (with G1), the first Android-based phone. Google Books facilitate new authors advertising their books, providing the sales online; Google translate used corpus linguistics techniques to demolish the language barrier.

As Social Networking is rage of the society, how could Google can ignore it? Google launched their networking site Google+ to get people to socialize and within two weeks, they gained 10 million users and after four weeks, it has touched over 25 million.

However, true to say every good thing has its demerits; Google still can’t fight back against hacking, password theft and other online terrors keen users say, there are too many un-Googleable words to Google. Google has to cope with other search engines and their depth of technology. Google is often criticized at length.

Nevertheless, Google means the world.

No, it is not our ultimate search engine; it is our colorful world that fights against human trafficking GoogleDocs1to outshine mean people, to give unprecedented joy and to unfurl the flag of humanity.

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