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Whether you want to write for fun or earn income for your news submissions, Guardian Liberty Voice and MARSocial.com can provide you with a quality platform for others to hear what you have to say. Currently, we enjoy a growing audience averaging around 7,000,000 unique visits each month. You can view our traffic stats at: Alexa.com

For those that have not yet had a chance to review our publication, please visit the following links: Guardian Liberty Voice and MARSocial. Meet our staff members at Guardian Liberty Voice Staff. Also, check us out on Twitter.

To apply to our membership program, please read and follow the instructions below:
We appreciate your interest in wanting to become a member of our writing team. As you perhaps already know, we operate two publications, specifically, GuardianLV.com and MARSocial.com. Because MARS is in beta mode and has yet to be released to the public, training is performed on Guardian Liberty Voice.

Training, which we often call “Writers SEO Boot Camp,” is free of charge, and is divided into three separate instructional units to be carried out over a seven to fourteen-day period. The first instructional unit will last three days. Over the course of those three days you will select an article topic from the list provided provided, and write your own article with your own spin on the topic, and submit it for publication. There is no limit on the number of topics you choose to complete, yet, they must contain at least 500 words or more. The number of topic assignments you complete over the three-day period will give our team an idea of how much work you can handle in a given day and determine your income range.

The primary objective of the first instructional unit is to use your completed articles to guide and direct us through the second training unit that follows.

Note: Guardian Liberty Voice will provide all authors that complete the “Writers SEO Boot Camp” training program with royalty dollars for articles submitted during all stages of this process. However, this revenue is only available following the completion of the program.

The second unit is ideally performed on Skype or Webex, so you will need to make sure you download Microsoft’s free Skype software to your computer. You can sign up to use Skype for free at the following link: FREE SKYPE.

This training unit usually lasts about 2 weeks, but can be completed in less time, depending upon your level of experience and schedule.

During this second instructional period, you will receive hands-on-training as we take you through the process of publishing your articles online. One-hundred percent of the second training unit is done on Skype or Webex, using their screen-share application. We will visually show you how to set up your articles, load images, edit images, handle keywords and acquaint you with the rules which, if followed, will turn your writing talent into a widely read and appreciated online experience as well as a revenue generator.

While anyone is welcome to submit an application to become a writer with Guardian Express, 80% of applicants do not make it. Our Boot Camp process is designed specifically to weed out those who are not highly talented writers. The 20% of applicants who do become certified writers with our publication are held to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. All writers are expected to adhere strictly to the ethics code of the Society for Professional Journalists and are taught to do so in formal training classes.

Top writers at Guardian Liberty Voice can expect to receive a set stipend every month in addition to their royalty payments. All writers in good standing receive royalties for life as long as they are active members of Guardian Liberty Voice, and all writers can apply to be considered for monthly stipend payments.

Vanessa Blanchard

The third and final training unit is designed to be completed in one day. Once you get through this final process successfully, our publication will issue you a certificate of certification and press pass. We typically customize activities associated with this final stage to give trainers and trainees an opportunity to enjoy course progress and to identify inconsequential weaknesses that new Certified Writer will need to improve upon.

As you consider joining our publications, let’s look at the merits of Guardian Liberty Voice and Marsocial compared to other writing opportunities with online publishers:

Many noteworthy online publications that receive content from bloggers believe that by publishing their submissions, the author should be satisfied enough that their work is read and published in a widely circulated newspaper, magazine or journal. In contrast, we are accountable to all writers and submissions published in any of our publications. Our compensation model is designed to reward writers who produce quality news and information. Not only do we financially reward our writers based on quality content, but we also provide robust free training and ongoing, unlimited support. We teach our writers how to maximize their earning potential by providing access to more than one million engaged followers on social media. Our writers have the luxury of being able to promote their own articles for free to this active audience, increasing traffic to their articles and bolstering their personal earnings. We also have a free promotional program for writers who have limited time-we tirelessly work behind the scenes to push articles through all of our social media channels. This greatly enhances our writers’ personal income streams.

In order to start our Boot Camp program immediately, please take a moment to go over this document and submit it at your convenience: Click Here to Sign Up

However, if you prefer, you can continue reading, as we will also provide you with this link near the end of this page.

All writers that complete our Boot-camp program are initially given 25% percentage of the income we receive from their submissions. Our income model is based on a Cost Per Impression arrangement, also called CPM. This term refers to the cost of internet marketing or email advertising campaigns where advertisers pay for every time an ad is displayed, not clicked upon. Additionally, we have been fortunate enough to attract three ad serving companies.

Select writers will be paid a small draw against commission or, in some cases, a monthly stipend. Writers who win certification and aggressively produce multiple writing assignments daily will be offered a base stipend of approximately $100.00 to $300.00 per month in addition to the commissions they earn. In addition, these select writers will have the opportunity for advancement into Editorial roles.

Invitation into our equity ownership program
Managing Editors, Senior Editors and Senior Correspondents that consistently work toward recruiting new members, training members, distributing assignments to writers and who publish at least 2 articles per day may be offered an equity share of the company no lower than a half percent up to five percent depending on the measure of their productivity, certification, and conduct during their 90 day probationary period.

A Managing Editor, Senior Editor or Senior Correspondent becomes eligible to participate in this equity ownership program after he or she has satisfactorily executed the duties stated above for 7 consecutive months. Any misconduct, insubordination or break during the probationary period is grounds for disqualification.

Once a member has been invited to participate in our equity ownership program he/she will be required to maintain a productive and satisfactory working relationship within our media group for at least 18 months beginning on the date the invitation was initiated.

As mentioned earlier, in order to begin, take a moment to go over this document and submit it at your convenience: Click Here to Sign Up

Once you complete this process, please follow the steps below.

Our program is designed to get you started immediately. Thus, since the first unit encompasses three consecutive days of article submissions, you can begin at your leisure. The following link (Writers Boot Camp) will provide everything you need to get you started. Once this unit is completed, please email me at publisher@guardianlv.com to begin the hands on, second unit of training.

Many will apply but few will make it. Those who seek to find their true potential as phenomenal-world-class writers, where every carefully chosen word is a true expression of one’s artistic prowess; they are deserving to contribute to the platform we provide. To those select few, Guardian Liberty Voice team is your humble servant. If this is you, we exist only to amplify your strengths and your efforts will be compensated accordingly.

Thank you for your interest in Guardian Liberty Voice and Marsocial. We look forward to working with you!

Top Earner in November 2013 earned $3,420.00
Second from the top earned $2,570.00

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