Kelly Ayotte Has NRA Support, But Not That of Her Constituents


Kelly Ayotte, (R), Senator from New Hampshire, is under fire for her opposition to the recent Senate proposal which would have expanded background checks for the purchase of guns.  She is the only legislator in the Northeast to oppose the measure.  She voted against the extended checks despite the overwhelming support of her constituents for their passage.  The defeat of the proposal is considered to be a victory for a lobby, the NRA.

Gun control advocates have focused much of their attention on the Senator.  Groups such as Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the group founded by New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I), and the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, are focusing their anger at Ayotte.

In New Hampshire, groups are planning to follow her across the state in protest of her apathy towards the wishes of voters.

“As simple as a background check is, it’s not burdensome,” said Karen Fester, 62, of Bath, N.H., a retired postal worker and member of a local gun club. “It’s just that the people who own gun shops or run gun shows don’t want their way of life threatened.”

Fester showed up in hopes of putting pressure on her senator even though she doesn’t expect Ayotte to change her mind. But by showing up, “It might make her pick up the phone or respond to my e-mails,” she said.

“I have worked on a lot of issue campaigns in this state, and I’ve never seen this level of natural momentum on any issue,” said Judy Stadtman, co-founder of the Project for Safer Communities NH and a longtime liberal activist.

“There’s a sense that the people who support background checks know that they’re in the mainstream,” Stadtman said. “To be rejected by Ayotte like that, when it was so obvious that many of her constituents wanted her to vote for it, it was a tipping point.”

It’s simply a case of “following the money”.  Her detractors will find significant donations to her campaign coffers by the gun lobbyists.

“Almost nine in ten (88%) of New Hampshire adults strongly favor this proposal, 6% favor it somewhat, and only 5% oppose it. Even 83% of gun owners favor this proposal,” according to a WMUR Granite State Poll conducted in February.

Why is it that Republican legislators continue to vote against the wishes of their constituents?  Where is their loyalty?  And the most important question of all is why did the people of their state elect them?

When the truth is told, we can only blame ourselves.  Although “W” would have not been elected the first time if the Supreme Court had not given him the election, America did elect him the second time.  The American public elected Tom DeLay, and voted for Sarah Palin.  Michelle Bachmann narrowly won her re-election bid.  Here, in Nevada, the Tea Party defeated two qualified candidates and nominated a woman who appeared to be a 3rd grade dropout who was defeated by an unpopular Harry Reid.  John Edward fooled his wife and the American public as he used his fame and fortune to further his carnal needs.

But we elect them.  They cannot be in office if they don’t receive our votes.  We are a nation of ignorant voters.  TV ads are not the gospel truth.  The bottom line is, voters cast their ballots based on what they want to hear.

So, my dear friends, you cannot get angry if the person you elect votes according to whatever might benefit them personally, rather than represent the average man and woman.  You gave them their “cushy” job, and they’ll retire with enormous benefits which you will pay for, for the rest of their lives.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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