Los Angeles Lakers defeated by the Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers defeated by the Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers defeated by the Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles basketball fans were loud and ready at Staples Center earlier today as the Los Angeles Clippers took on the Los Angeles Lakers. In Los Angeles and if you are a Clipper fan then through the years you have heard of all the talk about the Lakers and have seen the championships they have brought to the city of Los Angeles. Through, the years the Clippers have always trailed the Lakers as they fought to be in the playoffs and as the lakers dominated the west.

This year the Clippers have obtained the Pacific Division title and have swept the Lakers for only the second time in franchise history. Before today’s completion of the season sweep only the 1974-1975 Clippers team formerly known as the Buffalo Braves had ever swept the Lakers 4-0 in a season.

After the game the Clippers Chris Paul said, “It just feels like something we were supposed to do. It means we’re headed in the right direction. We’re not satisfied. We understand this is something small compared to the big picture.”

Chris Paul finished the game with 24 points and 12 assists, as his teammate Blake Griffin collected 24 points and 12 rebounds.

As the game came to an end fans were ecstatic, for the only thing you heard around Staples was, “Sweep, Sweep!”

As the final buzzer went off, the Clippers did not celebrate on the court or in the locker room but Blake Griffin did have this to say, “It’s always good to sweep a team in your division, in the West. I’m proud of how we won the game a little bit differently. We kept up a nice tempo the whole game.”

Now, the Clippers are playoffs bound and after winning their division, the Clippers are guaranteed a top-four seed but will only open the playoffs with home-court advantage if they finish the season with a better record than Memphis who are currently in fifth place. As for the Los Angeles Lakers, today’s lost forced them into a tie break for the 8th and final spot with the Utah Jazz.

“We’ve got a bigger challenge than worrying about beating the Clippers in one game. They obviously performed extremely well against us all four times. Our concern is playing well in order to get into the playoffs, get guys healthy, and go in there and see what we can do,” Kobe Bryant said.

Los Angeles Lakers defeated by the Los Angeles Clippers

“Hopefully, we’re playing well at the right time going to the playoffs,” Jamal Crawford of the Clippers said after the game after playing 31 minutes with 20 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist.

-Kelly J Newson

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