Sheriff Joe Arpaio target with explosive device (Video)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio target of explosive device (Video)

Even after the news about the bomb was released, the coverage continued to be nasty. In response to the Sheriff’s statement at a news conference, “Of course you worry. I’m a victim, I’m a witness. When you convict people, the victim has to be somewhat concerned. I’m a little concerned about my family..,” Matthew Hendley of the PhoenixNewTimes has a condescending headline that says it all, “…Arpaio Takes Full Advantage of Scary Box in Mail: ‘I’m a Victim.'”

A package addressed to the controversial Sheriff would have exploded, possibly killing him if the device was not intercepted. This was not the first attempt to assassinate the sheriff. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been effectively vilified in the mainstream media—possibly contributing to an attempt on his life.

“We’ve had suspicious packages with powder in them, but they turned out to not be anything,” the sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan said. “This was one was a real explosive devices. It could have seriously injured someone, had they opened it.”

The package was detonated with a water cannon and no one was injured in the process.

Arpaio has received numerous threats over the 20 years he’s held office, some of which turned out to be hoaxes. In 1999, a bomb squad destroyed a spider sculpture outside Arpaio’s Scottsdale home.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Threat Won’t Keep Me From My Job – April 12, 2013

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