The Will of the People

The Will of the People
How many times have you heard a Democrat say the American People want this or that, but when a poll is taken the numbers amount to only 20% of the American People want that. The rest of us, the 80% of the American People are against the issue. The 20% are in power and therefore the issues that the People do not want are being passed or shoved down our throats by Executive Order. The Democrats Will trumps the Will of the People.

The 2nd Amendment is favored by 80% of the American People, but when you listen to the Progressive media, they tell you the majority of Americans are for Gun Control. This mantra is repeated over and over until the perception is believed. This is a tried and proven tactic of the Leftist Progressive Democrats have been using for years. The problem is when the lie is so obvious a ten year old could see through it. The fact that the majority of Americans think an AR-15 was used by the teen who killed the Children in a NO GUN ZONE. The fact is he used hand guns, no AR-15 for miles. Obama still lies saying Adam used an AR-15. Be advised you will see an Executive Order on Gun Control.

They tell us the American majority does not want an oil pipeline to run from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The fact is that the majority of Americans support the pipeline. The Progressive media keeps repeating the lie in hopes that people will begin to believe the lie. The Democrats tell us it is a green energy direction we should support and the American People are behind it. The American people want cheap energy and want to provide jobs for those who work on the pipeline and for those who maintain it.

The Leftist Progressive Democrats want us to believe the majority of Americans support the Dream Act. The media and the DNC talking points have convinced the People that the Dream Act passed Congress and the Senate and was signed into law by the President. The facts are that the Dream Act failed in both the House and Senate and never made it to the President’s desk. The facts is the President decided the House and Senate were wrong and he needed to right this wrong by Executive Order. The majority of Americans are misinformed about the Dream Act.

The majority of the American People are misinformed about Benghazi too. The Leftist Progressive media, the President, Mrs. Clinton and others tried to get us to swallow a fairy tale. They came up with a video they found on you tube and ran with the story about how it was all the fault of this obscure video. They even tracked down the director and threw him in jail. So much for the First Amendment. Our diplomats died in Libya, but the questions refuse to die…When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was grilled by Congress about her department’s actions on the night four Americans were killed in Benghazi, she snapped, “What difference does it make?” Well, it might make a big difference, if voters read Congress’ report. It concludes that the Administration had plenty of warnings, but failed to heed them or to give the military authority to respond. They also find Secretary Clinton was responsible for cutting security at the US consulate despite knowing of the threats and the pleas for more security, and that the Administration lied to downplay terrorism, first by blaming a YouTube video, then falsely claiming they were trying to protect an FBI investigation. The White House will dismiss it as a partisan attack, but it’s the result of months of investigations by five House committees. I suspect that anyone who claims to have read it and is still unconcerned about the people in charge of our Middle East security is lying to cover up that they didn’t really read it. I did hear a White House official say ” The First Amendment leaves a lot to be desired” he said it in a flippant manner. The take away is that he felt it should be abolished.

Yesterday, Friday 4/26/13, on The Five on Fox News Channel, Bob Beckell who is a Leftist Progressive Democrat said the majority of Americans support Roe V Wade. He is saying that over 50% of Americans are pro-abortion and that is untrue. The polls have shown that the majority of Americans are anti-Abortion.

The bottom line is that you need to be vigilant to learn the truth from the lies and that is not easy. When the President lies, the Cabinet lies, Harry Reid lies and the media lies, it makes the job harder. We are losing our liberties daily, but you can help and be heard. Come to a meeting of true Conservatives, Progressives need not apply. The meeting is May 15th at the Silverton Hotel in the Veil ballroom at 6pm, come and show your freedom loving, liberty loving self where you will be welcomed.

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