Will.i.am accused of stealing a song

Will.i.am accused of stealing a song

Will.i.am accused of stealing a song

As many fans know Will.i.am is currently in the studio working on a new album but has recently come under fire for allegedly stealing a song that is featured on his upcoming album. The song in question is the 2011 hit “Rebound” by Russian DJ and producer Arty who Will.i.am says he reached out to before going forth with his version “Let’s Go,” which features Chris Brown.

Will.i.am says he emailed Arty who responded positively on the collaboration.

The Russian DJ and producer later took to his Facebook and posted:

“I want to clarify the whole situation around “Rebound” once and for all.
First, I would like to share the same sentiments as Mat and thank our fans for all the support they’ve shown. However the fact remains that Will.I.Am has used our music in his new album #willpower, specifically our track “Rebound” which was came out on Anjunabeats, with no clearance or agreement from ourselves.

Although my name was ILLEGALLY putted on #willpower album credits, without my knowledge – I was never contacted or consulted by Interscope Records, and never signed any license agreements, considering the fact that “Rebound” was made in collaboration with Mat Zo, not only by me.

The matter is under review by our legal teams now and I will keep you updated.”

In a response Will.i.am said: “You can’t steal if you credited somebody. He and I communicated. It’s not my fault he didn’t tell me about the other guy. So who is to blame? I didn’t know.”

Will.i.am also blames this matter on the slow legal process.

“I respect that world and in a way helped cross it over for it to be played on radio. So it’s just – it’s just – it’s kind of wack the way this situation has turned out because it’s undermined in a way – not really, it hasn’t – but it’s undermined my contributions to that world and my respect to that world. Because the way they’re painting it is not the way it is,” Will.i.am said recently in an interview.